Our Trip to Benham Sports Arena

Our trip to Benham Sports Arena

On Thursday 10th July, year 5 took a trip to the Benham Sports Arena. During our trip, there were varies of exciting activities such as:
Rock climbing
Also, for our topic we interviewed a lady from Sao Paulo (the biggest city in Brazil). At that moment, our group asked her interesting questions that subsequently helped us with our educational learning.

Rock climbing

photo 3photo 4photo 5photo 2photo 1rock climbing


Trampolining 1 photo (45)trampolining 2



Our Interview with Nicole

Nicole picture
And that’s it for all those interesting photos!

Here are some quotes about our trip:

Selin Hester- It was fun to do, no matter how high you got. It was truly cool.

William Pickering- I didn’t like it because it made my arms ache.


Mr Prosser – trampolining was great fun. I used to do it at Benham when I was at University (every Tuesday for a year). It was nice to go back; I found out that I am still not very good!

William Wright- It was awesome. But, I was leaning too far forward; I could have fell off!


Lucy Brooks- I loved roller sating but it was quads not blades so obviously I fell over a lot but I got up again (how brave).

Alicia Lam- Because roller-skating was the last activity that my group had, there wasn’t a better way to end the day.

Although it was not an energetic activity we ended it with dodge ball after the heaps of facts that we learnt:
Kevin- I liked the fact that she gave lots of facts: There were at least five schools went to the carnival.

Overall, each activity was equally extraordinary in their own little way!
We had lots of fun!

By Lucy Brooks, Evie Gribben, Alicia Lam, Kevin Guan and Kansi Chukwujekwu.

Majority of work continued after blog by: Lucy Brooks and Alicia Lam. 

Simon’s Quest for his Spurs

What skills/attributes does Simon need on his quest for his spurs?
According to Year 5 he needs:
·       A heart full of bravery
·       A great knowledge of how to ride his gallant stead
·       To keep a clear head
·       A head full of courage
·       Determination
·       Have the eye and the mind-set of the enemy
·       Enthusiasm
·       Self-belief: confidence and never giving up
·       Eager to train and constantly better himself
·       Resilience
·       Quick reactions and endless skill
·       Perseverance
·        Strategic plans
·       Armour full of hope
·       Silver coin to trade or to give to the wizard for potions
·       Wisdom of a wizard
·       The unbreakable silver sword of strength
·       Resourcefulness
·       Unlimited arrows and a golden bow
·       Shield of faith which is resistant to the intense fire of the dragon
·       Compass to guide him through his quest
·       His favourite foods to strength and energy
·       To use the weather as guide
·       To keep a diary to write down all of his adventures, plans and motives
·       Logic
·       Great navigational skills
·       A bottle of memories
·       Enchanted golden apple of regeneration
·       Magic quill to ensure that he can always jot down his thoughts
·       Bowl to enable him to eat and carry water
·       Magic potion of never-ending strength and agility
·       Magic box which will transform his hopes into reality
·       Curious
·       Cloak of invisibility given to him by the powerful wizard
·       Trustful
·       Time travelling abilities given to him by the wizard
·       Reflexes that enable him to challenge all and to protect himself
·       Small section of the magical unicorn horn to heal all of his potential wounds
·       Crystal ball of the past , present and future
·       Unicorn dust –grinded horn of the unicorn
·       Steel helmet of a fallen knight
·       Sword to slay the dragon
·       Wisdom  of safe foods to eat
·       Shoe of stability
Quite a lot of things! Have we missed anything out?