Writer of the week: Kansi Chukwujekwu

This is Kansi’s magazine article:

Brazil’s Football Team

Brazil is known for playing a very skilful, creative, free-flowing, fast-paced style of football. Because most Brazilians are often not as big, tall and physically strong as most Europeans, agility and ability is very important. For example: dribbling is an essential part to their style of football.

How good are Brazil?

Brazil is one of the most successful teams when it comes to football. The most known players for Brazil are: Hulk, Fred, Neymar, Osar, Willian and David Luiz. With these players and some more, Brazil have managed to win the FIFA World Cup 5 times and the Confederations Cup 4 times. Brazil has also played over 300 times at home and they have lost 20 times at home since 1939. Their last loss (at home) was in 2002.

To Conclude:

So, after hearing all of this, why don’t you come and watch them play? Do you think they will win the world cup?

Kansi has research all of this himself, and he has come up with how to write it entirely independently. At the end he poses a good rhetorical question: who will win the world cup? 

Writer of the week..

Rohan has been blossoming all year round, and has now really proved himself as many things. As well as a great mathematician (the human calculator), he has now proved himself as a fabulous writer. On the last week of last term,  in the introduction to his short story he wrote this:

When I’m happy I’m loveable. When I’m cranky I’m a bear crying for food. When I’m angry I’m a hornet stinging everything I see. 

A really good character description! Rohan has managed to use two metaphors to create a varied description expressing different elements to his character. Not only was this part great, the entire story was written fabulously with as much well thought out detail.

Well done Rohan.



Dovicin came from a far place called Rivingdale. Rivingdale was a peaceful village far north of the frosty Galons and Dovicin lived there. When he was only the age of 12 he got his first sword, however his mother and father died on the same day, by a Cyclops. So Dovicin swore to protect everyone from Cyclops’. Once he saved his king, King Rython, so Rython knighted Dovicin and promoted him into a Cyclops hunter. That meant he could leave his home whenever he wanted to. Unlike some warriors Dovicin is left-handed and if you were left-handed it meant you were better than the rest.

By Daniil Thompson, writer of the week. 

Writer of the Week…

A long time ago, in a small village called Helfen, a warrior called Dovocin watched an execution. However, moments later… THUD, BOOM! “What is that thing?” an anonymous guard shouted. It was a Cyclops.

“Rargh Dovocin!” The Cyclops raged. Dovocin quickly dodged a devastating attack, then ran to the keep. He nearly died until a soldier named Raf saved him from a building collapsing on him.

“You ok? My name is Raf, that thing was a Cyclops. A one eyed giant, with the strength of thrice the amount as one. He is as quick as all of our horses, so let’s get out of here!” The duo managed to escape to Woodriver, a mill nearby which Raf’s sister owns. Dovocin asked for directions and where he could acquire some weapons from. Everybody advised him to travel to Whitebill and warn the King, Balnuuf.

He walked to the city doors, then rushed to Cyclopsearch without stopping. When he arrived bandits had over-run the place. The only weapon he had was a Cyclops bone sword which he took from his father’s chest, shortly after he had died. The sword had been glued to him ever since. He also has leather armour which oddly is as strong as steel. Within minutes of the battle, every bandit was gone.

“You saved me, what can I do to repay you?” Balnuuf said with relief.

“There is a loose Cyclops and there may be more.” Dovocin replied. Balnuuf handed him a book: Dragons and Cyclops’. To put it short, the Cyclops’ killed all the dragons, then Odahvihn, god of destruction, who is also a dragon, banished them. However after he read it… BOOM, THUD. Another Cyclops, however different to the one in Helfen. Shortly after the fight it was dead.

“All priase Dovocin,” everyone chanted. Dovocin was confused. A guard told him he killed a Cyclops and only dragons can slay the beast, so if he tried hard he can breathe fire. “YOLSHU TUR,” Dovocin breathed. All of the corpses incinerated. He was one and the only descendant of a dragon…

Who is writer of the week?