Evacuation Letter

10 banana street
Zn4 56q

Dear Mum,
I am feeling very destroyed , I miss you because I may not see you any more. But I met a new family and they are really nice. They live in a cottage called break wood and it has 4 bedrooms at the top and three at the bottom. It is pretty big and we have a field next to us. I play with the pigs ears and the cows ears too and sometimes the farmer will let me milk the cows an my parents now are called June and Rob.
from Jamie, Dan, Luke, Thomas

Key Skills 11/10/13

Literacy/Creative curriculum Key Skills:

Research something (anything) about World War 2 that you don’t know already.

Present it however you like, in the form of a poem, powerpoint, key skills book, meccano… It’s entirely up to you.



This was 4 sheets of questions (only 12) looking at the different things we have been doing this term.