Our Fabulous Day at Sulgrave Manor

Sulgrave Manor

Yesterday we went to extraordinary Sulgrave Manor. To start off our fantastic day we began with a play about Henry VIII (mainly his wives), Edward VI’s disease (Tuberculosis), Mary’s killing spree and Elizabeth’s golden age.

During this time, Thomas galloped on a horse to Rome to see the Pope (William W), who was guarded by Jack. Lucy was Catherine of Aragon. Ricards was Henry VIII. Alina was Anne Boleyn. Maisy was Lady Jane Grey. Lily J was Catherine Howard, who had her head cut off by Liam the executioner. Mrs Greener was Catherine Parr. Evie was Jane Seymour, and died very glamorously. Archie was Edward VI. Selin was Bloody Mary and Laycee was Elizabeth. And to finish off, Hollie was Anne of Cleves.


Our Favourite Parts:

Radu: I liked the whole Tudor family play, because it was funny when Thomas rode (galloped) on the horse. Although, as well as this it was very dramatic and taught us well.

Thomas: I enjoyed writing my name in Tudor font using the Tudor alphabet. We found out here that Jack’s name was written as “fart” in those times, but still pronounced the same!

Lucy: I enjoyed making a fire with two flints and then using a striker.

Dan: My favourite part about Sulgrave Manor was a bit of everything. The learning because there was a variety, my favourite part of learning was also funny, the wee pot (which had a rude name).

Kasey: I enjoyed it when Lily J and Alina had their heads chopped off! Also, I thought the same as Radu, when Thomas was on the horse (it was rather humorous).

Rohan: I liked Laurence Washington’s house and talking about the food. I especially liked the Blacksmith’s house outside, because he explained how rats could eat them and how they were often deaf.

Tianna: Same as Dan, I liked the wee pot. If only we had them now!

Jamie: Similar to Rohan, I liked looking at Laurence Washington’s house because it was old fashioned.

Evie: I enjoyed dying during the dance.

Tyla: I liked going to the Tudor school and writing with the quills and ink, it was very different to our pens nowadays.

Alicia: My most memorable part of the day was learning how to write my name in Tudor times so I still remember how to write my name today (in Tudor font).

Alicia Name

Paris: I liked when we did the play because it had some humour and devastating deaths. I also liked the Laurence Washington House since when we walked into the chamber, the doors made me intrigued because there were many doors, and I mean many doors!

This is What We Learnt:

During Tudor times, when the maid had to go to the toilet, she would hook the baby to the wall. This is because rats may go and eat the baby’s cheeks, nose and/or eyes, when it is laying in the cot. Due to the fact they were swaddled they wouldn’t be able to defend themselves.


If a person had red (ginger) hair, their wee would be the best for watering plants! It became quite expensive.This only applies to boys!

In the schools, regardless of which hand you naturally write with, you had to write with your right hand. Kevin, Rohan, Tilli and Jack would be rather stuck! Since, being left-handed was considered a sign of evil.

We learnt that when they had finished baking bread they used the bottom of the bread as a plate, due to all of the ashes that would be underneath the bread. Generally only the poor people would eat this bread, and they would use it as a plate. Once they had finished their meal they could eat the plate (as it would have soaked up all of the juice/gravy).

Laurence Washington had a brick chimney. This chimney showed off his richness. One of these bricks cost £10 on those days, therefore a chimney cost a lot! That is a lot because in Tudor times a blacksmith would earn 5p a year, which apparently was a good amount for him.

There was a young boy called the spit boy, who only wore a leather apron. He would turn the spit to cook the meat by the fire. If sparks went on him and he got a nasty burn, they would use a slug or a snail to heal his wounds. This wouldn’t always work as it would often get infected. They would either cut his arm off or they would hope it would heal. If his arm was amputated he was called an ex-spit boy.

Anne Boleyn was actually innocent, she didn’t have any boyfriends, they were all rumours to conspire to get her off of the Throne. Also, Anne Boleyn had a wart on her hand, from this they thought she was a witch, as witches had 6 fingers! In fact, Catherine Howard was the woman who had another fiancée. If you were a fiancée, you were contracted to marriage, it’s not like nowadays!

When rich people slept, they had a roof above their heads attached the beds, because there were no low ceilings. These roofs also keep the warmth in, and keep the bats and birds out. They slept sat up, rather than lying down, because they believed if their mouths were open the devil would enter them and possess their souls (not nice). Young children would sleep in the same room as their parents, as they weren’t old enough to have a candle.

Anything else? Feel free to comment your extra ideas!