Snowman Biscuits

As everyone is aware, our topic is the Snowman. Yesterday we had a great idea to decorate some biscuits to look like melted snowmen, since at the end of the Snowman story the snowman melted. Our ingredients were… White icing (melted snow), black icing (arms), marshmallows (head), flavoured laces (scarf, nose), dried icing (hat) and obviously a Rich Tea biscuit!

Below are a few we made.

picture081 (1) picture079

Written by the whole of Dyson

The Snowman, an Alternative Ending by Tyla Pritchard

James (the little boy) suddenly woke up an was shocked to see it was still snowing heavily. He quickly unravelled himself out of he tangled sheets and rushed downstairs, to find his mum had slipped and broke her arm. James quickly dialled 999 and asked for an ambulance. As they arrived the kind man asked if James wanted to come with his mum and look after her. When he got outside he noticed the snowman was still alive. As he got into the ambulance he spotted the snowman at the window. James sneakily let him in, when the snowman saw that his mum was in pain his hands started to glow in a weird orangey colour and blasted her arm, When he stopped her arm was perfectly fine! When they got home after a long day James went to bed and the snowman turned into a doctor.


By Tyla Pritchard 

The Snowman

The Snowman

          This month in year 5  we have been focusing on the snowman. It is a wonderful time of year to read a fantastic type of book. We have watched the snowman film recently and we took notes of the film. The film is emotional at times and upsetting especially when the snowman melts. I didn’t like the fact that there weren’t any talking but the sound of the music makes the film  more adventurous. The graphics are brilliant, you can get a really good picture of what’s going on. The film is good for children because of the pictures and it is not hard to see what’s going on. If I was going to rate it I would give it a 9/10 because one thing it hasn’t got any talking in the film. We have been doing pieces of drama and writing about the snowman. The film has inspired me by the way the author has made it clear and so that people can understand what’s going on without speech. When we was doing silent drama it was good because we can do some acting as well as writing. I’ve enjoyed doing the snowman this month because the film is Christmassy and merry. The film expresses the feelings of James and the snowman. After we watched the film our class did a story mountain to discuss the film .we also have the book of the snowman for the class so when we want to be reminded of the story.


By Tilli Warren


The snowman

   This month considering it is nearly Christmas, we are learning about the fantastic film The snowman. It is atremendous time to learn about it because it is the time were we all work together and use teamwork. It is a good topic for us year 5s too. The snowman is about a little boy named James and he decides to make a snowman and then it comes to life. James woke up to realised it was gone so he ran outside and then the snowman came up behind James. We have also, recently watched the Snowman and we have found out the most common song in the Snowman is “Walking in the Air.” My opinion of The Snowman is that they should use some speech instead of it just being silent. Also, the rating out of 10 would be 10/10. It is a great film and is just to silent. But I would just say that the Snowman needs speech to be put in to the story. It is also how the Snowman sadly dies and has melted by the majestic, light blinding view. I would of thought a lot of people would like but that is just my opinion. Also, part of my opinion would be, horrible because the snowman dies and that will probably be the same with the snowman’s family. If I was James and the Snowman was my best friend, I would be heart broken. Nevertheless I would get over it as quick as possible because I could just make another one.

   After we watched the Snowman we planned our very own snowman page and then we wrote the page. We had to put as much description in as possible. It was very hard because some of us (table minions) only had one boring picture and Alicia (our top writer) only had one square not even one half of an A4 sheet of paper to do it with (ooh that’s hard!)


By Kasey Wright



I like the snowman because it inspires me to carry on with work and it effects the work I do in a good way. I like the book because of all of the wonderful pictures and you get to read the book in your own way. The film is emotional at times especially when the snowman melts.


By Lily Johnson

The Snowman

As it is nearly Christmas year 5 have started a new topic, which is the snowman. Mr Prosser has decided that we should do the display in the class room. Some of us was doing the snowman that is the main picture on the display wall. Some of us done the letters of THE SNOWMAN, also some people did the back ground for the snowman. Every day Mr Prosser picks a name out of the bag Thomas curry and Leanne peach chosen to eat the first two chocolates, Out of the advent calendar.
This is the snowman.


By Jamie, Ayisha, Dan, Thomas, Luke and Cynthia