Key Skills 27/06/14

Non-Compulsory Key Skills:

We were talking about why people thought the moon was made from cheese… I (Mr Prosser) thought it was due to Wallace and Gromit. Apparently it is not! It would be great if you could research where this random misconception has come from.

Literacy this week:

We have been looking at The Piano recently as a lead into our new literacy topic: flashbacks.

For your key skills this week, write something that would persuade somebody to watch it.

You could do:

  • An advert
  • A letter
  • An article
  • A poster
  • Anything else that would work!

The Piano

We have done lots of persuasive writing this year, so I know you will have lots of persuasive phrases and devices throughout your entire piece of writing!

We’ve also done lots of work on our vocabulary this week, so your writing is going to be rich with fantastic words! Our “Wordle” is also on our blog if you want to re-jog your memory. Link to The Piano on YouTube.


This was a sheet looking at the basic use of algebra. Every child received a sheet, if it is lost you can receive one on Monday or Tuesday, but remember it is due in Wednesday!

Have a good weekend! 

The Piano

Yesterday, we began looking at The Piano, a fantastic short film.

We have done some fantastic drama, discussion and even created a wordle (see below) which every child contributed a word to! Worlde

Below is some writing from the class:

The Piano

A sorrowful story about a man who goes back to a painful memory but also a soothing one too! Where he sees his loved ones, including his wife, grandson and his best friend, also himself. While he plays his fragile piano, he chants his way to sleep. This memorable story is touching enough to break your heart. Finally his gentle grandson plays one last note to end this charming story.

By Paris Read 

The Pianist

Above the beautiful piano lies ugly broken twigs with an old golden ring. The man has a neat jade green jumper and a crystal white shirt.

On the left of his head there are the remains of a tiny piece of hair.

By Jack Sparkes 

Brilliant by both!

Well done to all of Dyson for some fantastic work recently.