The Great Dream – Emotion

We have been looking at the Great Dream (see below), Kansi, Luke and Dan came up with a fantastic song/rap/poem about the ’emotion’ key to happiness.

Scrap the negativity,

add in the positivity.

Before you were sad,

Now you are glad

Like gravity,

it all works just like gravity.


Before you were mad

and now you are sad.

Scrap the sadness,

to rid the madness.


Take out the negativity,

put in the positivity.

It’s all as easy as gravity.


So simple yet effective!

The children were instructed to write a poem which we would then read out (perform), as we have recently looked at it. But every group took this a few steps further and came up with a full performance, with acting, singing and dancing! Each group did a sensational job to come up with such great ideas, especially considering they only had twenty minutes!

great dream