The Butterfly Lion, an Alternative Ending

After I had my delicious scones I put my plate away. The old lady was just about tell me the rest of the story, but I heard a knock on the door. Just then I saw a letter and it said, and I quote:

Dearest Millie,

                   I am so sorry that I haven’t been coming home lately, but the reason is I’ve had a horrible accident. When I went to work I burnt my leg, the one that was shot during the war, with some science chemicals. They might have to cut it off. In a few weeks I will be coming home. 

Lots of love, Bertie x

P.S Tell Morpurgo to stay. 

I didn’t know how he knew I was here, but it’s just one of them things. I gave the letter to Millie, the poor woman she was almost crying. After that disastrous feeling we heard a roar. The statue shattered to pieces, but out came a majestic lion.

By Courtney Davies