The Butterfly Lion


The butterfly lion is by Michael morpurgo .
We have been learning about the butterfly lion in literacy,
And we have been writing about it to.
The butterfly starts with a boy at boarding school who runs away and gets bullied
On his way he meets an old lady called millie
In Africa there is a boy called Bertie and he rescues a lion called the butterfly lion.
Bertie takes the lion to his farm as well as the mother. Bertie’s dad has to kill the lion’s mother because she chases his dad’s cattle so he shot her. So that left the lion on his own.
One day Bertie’s dad went out and saw a Frenchman who was looking for some lions for his circus, so his dad said we have got a beautiful white lion. The Frenchman was pleased, as Bertire was going to boarding school in England soon, it made sense. said you can have are lion said Bertie’s dad.
When Bertie’s dad had got home he told Bertie that he was selling the lion to the Frenchman but bertie shouted, “You cant you cant!”
Bertie’s dad said, “We are we can’t keep him here for ever.”
And that is a bit of the butterfly lion

By Jamie, Luke, Dan, Cynthia and Ayisha