Year 5 Cricket Result…

On Wednesday 14th May, the Year 5 cricket team ventured to Old Northamptonian’s cricket ground.

We played three games overall.

The first game:

The opposition elected to bat first of all, therefore we fielded. As the overs progressed we slowly found our feet, our wicket keeper took a few steps back, our fielders analysed their positions and the communication picked up, slowly. William Wright took a superb catch as he dived forwards on his knees, Rohan hit a six and everyone else put in a great effort. The game was scrappy, and we made many errors. It felt as if we were victorious, the umpire read the results…

We won by just a single run!

The second game: 

We had a long talk about what was going well and what was not as good. After winning by 1 run we knew that every single ball, all 48 of them, counted greatly. We went out and made it count. Throughout the whole second game we were like a new team, all errors had gone and we were smiling throughout. The communication between every single member of the team was phenomenal, at some points it was like Rohan and Liam were communicating through their thoughts.

However, the highlight of the game (and possibly the afternoon), Lily Johnson put her body on the line as she dived to stop a speedy mid-air ball, the crowd were unsure which part of her body it hit, but it seemed to be her hip. George K then retrieved the ball and fielded well. An amazing dedication to the team from Lily.

We went on to win by 40 odd runs and we were over the moon.

The third game:

By this stage of the afternoon we knew this was our last game, we knew that if we did well we had a chance of progressing, but it was all down to the amount of runs we had scored overall. Therefore in the words of the team “we had to smash it!” With two games behind us, we knew our strengths and our weaknesses. Everyone went out feeling ready, and showed they were too. George and Archie had the strongest pairing of the afternoon, with 37 runs over two overs. As we fielded, Archie, to the shock of the crowd, threw the ball from long distance aimed at the stumps. Many said, “why!” But the ball flew in a straight line and knocked the stump out of the “ground”, out! A superb throw from a great distance.

We went on to win by 61 runs!

The Result

Overall we had a fantastic afternoon, there was parents watching and the sun was out (75% of the time). Everyone played superbly, fairly and with a love of the sport. Today we have finally found out the results of the competition… And once again we have realised that literally every run counts. The team in second place had an average of 253.75 runs, and the team in first had an average of 254.33 runs. This is only a difference of .58 of a run. This isn’t even a whole run!

And yes, the team in first place was Simon de Senlis! A very big well done to:

Lily Johnson, Archie Chorlton, Lily Cohead, Kasey Wright, George Kennedy, Thomas Curry, Liam Mooney, William Wright, Tyla Pritchard and our captain: Rohan Sehmi. All of you played a vital role in the entire afternoon. Without the perfection of everyone we would never have won!

And an equally as big thank you to the parents who either came to support, or to pick up the team. The supporters were great, and it was outstanding how many parents turned out, especially in comparison to the other schools!

The next stage, which is the county level 3 stage, is still to be confirmed where and when.