Our Carnival

Yesterday was the introduction to our new topic: Our World Our Future.

From the beginning of the day we had loads of exciting things happening. Year 5 were doing thei samba dancing. There was a samba band from Bliss Primary School, Mr Wainwright was doing football skills, there was a Chinese dragon. Year 6 were line dancing. There were teachers dancing and everyone felt like they wanted to join in. Everybody was also wearing vibrant clothes.

As the day progressed we created a variety of things: necklaces, hats and maracas. Using these tools and some provided by the carnival company, we had a fantastic carnival at the end of the day!

Below are some opinions from individuals of Dyson:

Radu – I enjoyed making the hats.

Tianna – I liked making my long hair on my hat.

Courtney – I liked getting my face painted.

Jack  – I liked making maracas.

Lilly -I enjoyed the start of the day when we went outside to dance.

Ayisha – I liked making maracas because it was a good way of doing art.

Alicia – I liked seeing what the other classes were doing in the morning.

Kasey – I liked the mini festival in the morning as it was unexpected.

Paris – i liked making the hats because there were endless ways to design them.

Lucy – I liked designing the labels for the maracas and shaking them.

Below are a collection of pictures from the day – we had many, but I sadly couldn’t put them all on!

photo 5 photo 3 photo 2 (2) photo 1 photo 1 (1) photo 2 (3) photo 3 (1)

And Ayisha… Enjoying the day.

photo 4

Well done to all the children for living up to our high expectations and ensuring it was a fabulous day for all involved.