The World Cup

The FIFA  World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is in Brazil this year. It is in groups A-H in each group there are four countries and they each play each other once.

Brazil Spain Colombia Urugauy Switzerland Argentina Germany Belgium
Croatia Netherlands Greece Costa Rica Ecuador Bosnia Herzegovina Portugal Algeria
Mexico Chile Cote d’Iviore England France Iran Ghana Russia
Cameroon Australia Japan Italy Honduras Nigeria USA Korea Republic

Ayisha’s thoughts:

“We hope that England win, but we think Argentina might have a good chance of winning. Also we think that Portugal will come second and Italy come third.”

By Ayisha, Thomas, Dan, Jamie, Luke and  Cynthia

Who do you think is going to win the world cup?


The Snowman

As it is nearly Christmas year 5 have started a new topic, which is the snowman. Mr Prosser has decided that we should do the display in the class room. Some of us was doing the snowman that is the main picture on the display wall. Some of us done the letters of THE SNOWMAN, also some people did the back ground for the snowman. Every day Mr Prosser picks a name out of the bag Thomas curry and Leanne peach chosen to eat the first two chocolates, Out of the advent calendar.
This is the snowman.


By Jamie, Ayisha, Dan, Thomas, Luke and Cynthia


The Christmas Feeling
It’s the beginning of December, the season of good cheer! Leading in to Christmas, our class has transformed into a miniature Santa’s work shop, so Mr Prosser is Santa teaching the elves (which is us).
In Dyson class, Mr Prosser has been busy decorating our class into a winter wonderland. A Christmas tree had appeared from thin air covered in shimmering decorations, presents are hovering everywhere,(literally).

Here is a Christmas acrostic poem:
C is for the candy canes around the Christmas tree,
H is for the happiness of all the family.
R is for the reindeer prancing by the window pane.
I is for the icing on the cake as sweet as sugar cane
S is for the stockings on the chimney wall,
T is for the toys beneath the tree so tall,
M is for the mistletoe where everyone is kissed,
A is for the angels who make up the Christmas list.
and S is for the Santa who brings you lots of sweets,
And that is your Christmas list of treats.

By Lucy Brooks

Blog by Kasey, Lucy, Alicia, Kevin, Evie and Kansi

Reception Buddies

Reception Buddies
Since we have some new receptions joining the school, we were given the responsibility to look out for them and make sure they are safe. Sometimes we even go and play with them during school hours. We also often play with them at break time. Connecting with their comments, we surprise them by making them laugh, cheer them up when they are upset and comfort them whenever they need us. Also they have a lot of fun.
Our buddies are friends, they make us happy too. They are enjoying their time at Simon de Senlis school and are being encouraged to make new friends. Also, they’re gaining their confidence to meet new children and learning to do new things. The buddy idea was created to give the children a chance to meet their learning target and to get used to our school. Our goal is to make our little friends smile, for them to express their feelings to us, to trust us.

By: Alicia, Evie, Kansi, Kasey, Kevin and Lucy.

Half term (a bit late)

Our Special Half Term!!!

It was very special to me because I really love Michael Jackson and my nan and granddad bought me the tickets. When they played thriller the zombies jumped out at us!

I watched the game and I loved it because the Australians had a cut eye and the England man’s split ear. Courtney Laws amazing tackles.

I had walked to the shop with my sister to get the ingredients for my vanilla cupcakes and my chocolate cupcakes. My vanilla cupcakes I made them look like a butterfly witch they were called butterfly cakes.

My animation by Kevin

Over the half term ,I entered my animation into a contest , the prize is a prop from a movie.

Arsenal Vs. Liverpool by Kansi
Over the half term I watched Arsenal against Liverpool. I enjoyed it since if Liverpool won they would be top of the table by 1point. If Arsenal won they would be top by 5 points. It was a big game and Arsenal won. Boo Liverpool and all Liverpool supporters. Their next game was against Brussia Dortmund.

My trip to Birmingham by Alicia Lam

During the half term, I went shopping in Birmingham. We didn’t buy anything though! I liked eating in a noodle bar for breakfast. Because we didn’t buy anything in Birmingham, we bought mostly everything we wanted to buy in Birmingham, on the internet!




Children in Need

Children in need!!

On Friday we will come in to school with a £1 for mufty day to support children who don’t have lives quite as good as ours! The focus is spots and stripes 🙂 Some children have offered to make cakes to sell at school. If you are one of those children could you please remember!

By Lily, Adrian, William, Dzesmina, Celina and Jack

Remembrance Day

Poppy day

Yesterday we went to assembly to watch year 6 perform there poppy assembly. They were talking about France and looking at the poppies. They were telling us about poppy fields. To remember about the solders that have saved us. At 11:00 we had a minute silence to remember he solders. Near to the end of the day we painted a poppy picture. Most of us where either wearing a poppy wristband or a poppy.
Remember, remember the 11 of November .

By Dan, Luke, Thomas, Cynthia, Ayisha and Jamie

World War 2

World War 2

Mrs Giles interview

Mrs Giles informed us about rationing ,here are some of the foods and amounts :

Jam 1 pound (per month)

Marge 4 ounces (per week)

Meet wasn’t rationed

Cheese :cheddar or mouse trap cheese (4 ounces)

Loose tea (4 ounces )

Bread (1 dry loaf)

Butter (2 ounces )

Milk 1 pint (per week )

No bananas what so ever

1 egg (per week )

Clean water

However if you live near a farm you will get extra milk or eggs .

Now some clothing ration facts:

Even though you couldn’t save your food coupons you can with clothing rations.

Boys would usually were short trousers or dungarees  and when they are age 13 -14 they can wear long trousers .

Girls would wear long skirts that are waist high and end at your ankles .

World war 2 music

We have no bananas today !

Please listen to this song search it on youtube! Click here 🙂

By: Tilli, Evie, and Tyla




The Butterfly Lion


The butterfly lion is by Michael morpurgo .
We have been learning about the butterfly lion in literacy,
And we have been writing about it to.
The butterfly starts with a boy at boarding school who runs away and gets bullied
On his way he meets an old lady called millie
In Africa there is a boy called Bertie and he rescues a lion called the butterfly lion.
Bertie takes the lion to his farm as well as the mother. Bertie’s dad has to kill the lion’s mother because she chases his dad’s cattle so he shot her. So that left the lion on his own.
One day Bertie’s dad went out and saw a Frenchman who was looking for some lions for his circus, so his dad said we have got a beautiful white lion. The Frenchman was pleased, as Bertire was going to boarding school in England soon, it made sense. said you can have are lion said Bertie’s dad.
When Bertie’s dad had got home he told Bertie that he was selling the lion to the Frenchman but bertie shouted, “You cant you cant!”
Bertie’s dad said, “We are we can’t keep him here for ever.”
And that is a bit of the butterfly lion

By Jamie, Luke, Dan, Cynthia and Ayisha


Evacuation Letter

10 banana street
Zn4 56q

Dear Mum,
I am feeling very destroyed , I miss you because I may not see you any more. But I met a new family and they are really nice. They live in a cottage called break wood and it has 4 bedrooms at the top and three at the bottom. It is pretty big and we have a field next to us. I play with the pigs ears and the cows ears too and sometimes the farmer will let me milk the cows an my parents now are called June and Rob.
from Jamie, Dan, Luke, Thomas