04/07/14 Key Skills

Dyson Key Skills 04/07/14


Soon we are going to be writing our own flashbacks, similar to The Piano. This will be linked directly to our movies that we are going to film. By attempting (or succeeding) to write a flashback for key skills, we will have lots of ideas and strategies to writing them within in the classroom. Therefore for key skills this week:

Think of a moment or something that happened during your time in Year 5. You are to imagine you are going about your daily life… Maybe you are in Tesco, a literacy lesson or playing football. Then you will have a flashback back to the specific moment or event. Just like we saw in The Piano, there should be some emotion and the flashback should be an important event. 


This was a sheet with 40 questions in total on it. Some are things that we have looked at lots (angles on straight lines) and some are ones we haven’t, such as: angles on an hour clock. But we all have the ability to do them!