Water Colouring

Water colouring

Entering our world of art we created a topic that related to rivers.

Firstly we explored water colouring by mixing colours to make shades of that certain colour. Our educating teacher mentioned the information to the class. We all excelled in our water colouring art and designed are very own imaginative creations on to our sheets of paper.

When our imaginations were on our  paper we tried to critique our work and we managed to improve each time and made all kinds of different drafts . We also added a caption to our images that was related to the picture.

“Every time we persevered it got better and we heard the motto of practise makes perfect.” -Kasey Wright

“We were inspired by the story of Austin’s Butterfly  when he was determined to get his butterfly right.” – Lucy Brooks

“Our work didn’t let us down and our images  was just perfect to me but maybe not to others.” – Alicia Lam

“The mind is the best weapon you could possibly  own.” – Kevin Guan

“Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.” – Kansi C/Henry Ford

This has been our art this term. Thanks for reading  our blog.

Made By: Kasey W, Kevin G, Lucy B, Alicia L and Kansi C

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