End of Dyson’s Writing

Recently we have been writing flashbacks. Everyone has managed to write a story that includes a flashback and they all work well.

Sadly this is the last piece of extended writing that Dyson will do this year!

Every member of the class chose a phrase or a sentence that they thought was particularly good from their writing over the last few days. They are below:

Thomas: They were as angry as a lion in his cage. Thomas describing the crowd at a football game. 

Ayisha: It was only when they were about to land, she started to complain; Shannon flumped down to her seat with power. Pulling a face at her mum, she sighed. Ayisha has described the feelings of Shannon without directly mentioning them, a really complex skill! 

Rohan: When he’s lovely, he’s a cute teddy bear. When he’s cranky, he’s like a woman crying because she lost her soulful boyfriend. When he’s angry, he’s a ravenous hyena eating flesh. Rohan introducing his character (Rohan) to his story. 

Radu: Suddenly, a crystal sad tear escaped from my eye and carefully rolled down my round and soft cheek; I just couldn’t stop it. Radu explaining how his character was sad. 

Courtney: Suddenly he got his gargantuan water gun and chased me down the bumpy slippery hill until I was out of breath! Great description Courtney!

Tilli: It was the day, the day when… Tilli’s opener to her flashback. 

Dan: Suddenly, Zaz, the crazy man, took out his daggers then… Squirt! Splat! Squelch! Dan describing Batman’s arch nemesis committing murder. 

Luke: We came third; we did really well but inside we won. Luke explaining their wonderful efforts at the cricket tournament at Horton House. 

William: Due to the fact of him driving down the longest street in the world, he had a flashback from when he was on a (four hour) high speed chase, when he was a police officer. William’s in depth description of the beginning of his flashback. 

Jack: Don’t mention it to him. A great short sentence showing how much Jack hates football. 

Tianna: She was walking through a forest, it was lovely, there were flowers, little reindeer, butterflies and bees, they were beautiful. A lovely description of the forest! 

Jamie: Then he went home and sat on his bed with no friends by his side. Jamie summarising his story well by explaining how the main character had lost all of his friends. 

Cynthia: As we re-welcomed ourselves back into the present day, we felt sad and emotional. Really emotional. A lovely transition from flashback to present day! Great description of the emotion too. 

Dzesmina: After the competition had finished, we went back home and we had a surprise. Some clear description from Dzesmina. 

Celina: I could feel a dark chill down my back, then I knew something was calling me from the shadows. Really good description from Celina! Very spooky. 

Tyla: To be added. 

Lily: A waterfall came from my right eye, the same as my left. Lovely description of the emotion by Lily!

Evie: Greeted by Michael’s music, face planted on her Michael pillow, tears came flying down the soft, fine skin on her rosy cheek, which sit above a wonderfully defined jawline. Evie’s great description of not only her character’s emotion, but her appearance too! 

Paris: Before I could cuddle Ivory to death, she gave one last yowl to end this sorrowful story, and I gave one last tear to end this painful paragraph. Really good description of emotion and linking it well to the progression of the story. 

Alicia: Although the volume of the emotion ascended hurriedly, rushing to flood, Jessie’s ‘guardians’ did not even sense the anxiety. Really good description of how Jessie’s foster parents did not care for her whatsoever. 

Kevin: People started to back away, even his own hair retreated. Brilliant emphasis on how, “everyone was staring at him with bewildering thoughts in their head”. 

Kansi: He saw himself. Laying in pain, screaming in pain. Neymar reliving his injury against Colombia. Written with good short sentences for effect and a good repeated adverbial phrase! 

Lucy: After a while it came to her, today was the last day of the innocent Year 5. Goodbye Mr Prosser, goodbye class mates and last, but not least, goodbye freedom! Lucy’s story contained flashbacks from the events of Year 5. This emotional piece worked really well as her story drew to a close. 

Overall, this is only a snippet of their writing… Everyone has done sensationally over the whole year; everyone’s writing has improved vastly! The best thing is that all of the work written recently continues with this high quality.


Our Trip to Benham Sports Arena

Our trip to Benham Sports Arena

On Thursday 10th July, year 5 took a trip to the Benham Sports Arena. During our trip, there were varies of exciting activities such as:
Rock climbing
Also, for our topic we interviewed a lady from Sao Paulo (the biggest city in Brazil). At that moment, our group asked her interesting questions that subsequently helped us with our educational learning.

Rock climbing

photo 3photo 4photo 5photo 2photo 1rock climbing


Trampolining 1 photo (45)trampolining 2



Our Interview with Nicole

Nicole picture
And that’s it for all those interesting photos!

Here are some quotes about our trip:

Selin Hester- It was fun to do, no matter how high you got. It was truly cool.

William Pickering- I didn’t like it because it made my arms ache.


Mr Prosser – trampolining was great fun. I used to do it at Benham when I was at University (every Tuesday for a year). It was nice to go back; I found out that I am still not very good!

William Wright- It was awesome. But, I was leaning too far forward; I could have fell off!


Lucy Brooks- I loved roller sating but it was quads not blades so obviously I fell over a lot but I got up again (how brave).

Alicia Lam- Because roller-skating was the last activity that my group had, there wasn’t a better way to end the day.

Although it was not an energetic activity we ended it with dodge ball after the heaps of facts that we learnt:
Kevin- I liked the fact that she gave lots of facts: There were at least five schools went to the carnival.

Overall, each activity was equally extraordinary in their own little way!
We had lots of fun!

By Lucy Brooks, Evie Gribben, Alicia Lam, Kevin Guan and Kansi Chukwujekwu.

Majority of work continued after blog by: Lucy Brooks and Alicia Lam. 

Sports Day

Sports Day

Not that long ago we had our sports day. It was very athletic, also our parents were watching. And they thought we were doing very well. We did it in our house groups. But we split it up even smaller like: W1, W2, W3, K1, K2, K3, D1, D2, D3, U1, U2, U3. These all stand for wizards unicorn knights and dragons. It was a bit of a coincident because in the ks1 sports day knights won it. And in the ks2 one knights won it as well. Knights won with 2030 points (or something like that). Knights came first then the dragons then the unicorns and then wizards came last. We had a fantastic day… Overall our highlight was:

Mr Prosser winning the race! 🙂

Well done to everyone, everybody worked very hard throughout the whole day. A big well done to the Knights!

By Ayisha, Cynthia, Jamie, Thomas, Luke and Dan

The String Quartet

At the beginning it seemed like they were only going to play classical music, but as they began to play, we realised it wasn’t! They played music such as: Bear necessities from Jungle Book, The Sound of Music, Wallace and Gromit, Star Wars and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. (Ayisha Santos Costa)

Due to the fact that the Mozart piece is roughly 250 years old, you would assume it would be quite boring. However it was vibrant! I LOVED IT. (Rohan Sehmi)

When I heard them play the first song I didn’t realise that it was Star Wars, but as they got into the middle of it I realised it was Star Wars! Even though I don’t like Star Wars, I enjoyed it. (Kasey Wright).

As they played the first note I gasped! I knew the song, it was on the tip of my tongue. (Paris Read)

. This is where we clapped along to the music, and changed our clapping according to the  rhythm and notes being played. photo (39)


As well as this we learnt how different lengths of strings created different pitches. photo (41)


A thoroughly enjoyable morning!

Home Learning: Brazil

Brazilian homelearning
Kansi –  Kansi homelearning
This term our topic is Going Places, every year has been given a place or country to study. Year5 has been given the beautiful country of Brazil. Before the Easter half term we were given a task to do, that task was to present anything we already knew about Brazil however we wanted.
So far all the homework is very impressive and the facts are all very interesting. Here are some amazing examples:

Evie key skills Evie jack Jack Jasleen key skills Jasleen kevin Kevin matthew j MatthewParris homelearningParris



This is literally amazing. Ayisha Santos Costa is Brazilian and she has a Pele shirt that is signed, but that’s not just signed it is worn by the actual Brazilian Pele football player!!! How amazing is that?
So much effort was put into everyone’s homelearning. Well done to all children who have done homelearning

Blog by Evie Gribben
Dyson class

Thanks for reading
My blog

Evie wrote all of this independently, even inputting all of the photos (and taking them). 


Our Fabulous Day at Sulgrave Manor

Sulgrave Manor

Yesterday we went to extraordinary Sulgrave Manor. To start off our fantastic day we began with a play about Henry VIII (mainly his wives), Edward VI’s disease (Tuberculosis), Mary’s killing spree and Elizabeth’s golden age.

During this time, Thomas galloped on a horse to Rome to see the Pope (William W), who was guarded by Jack. Lucy was Catherine of Aragon. Ricards was Henry VIII. Alina was Anne Boleyn. Maisy was Lady Jane Grey. Lily J was Catherine Howard, who had her head cut off by Liam the executioner. Mrs Greener was Catherine Parr. Evie was Jane Seymour, and died very glamorously. Archie was Edward VI. Selin was Bloody Mary and Laycee was Elizabeth. And to finish off, Hollie was Anne of Cleves.


Our Favourite Parts:

Radu: I liked the whole Tudor family play, because it was funny when Thomas rode (galloped) on the horse. Although, as well as this it was very dramatic and taught us well.

Thomas: I enjoyed writing my name in Tudor font using the Tudor alphabet. We found out here that Jack’s name was written as “fart” in those times, but still pronounced the same!

Lucy: I enjoyed making a fire with two flints and then using a striker.

Dan: My favourite part about Sulgrave Manor was a bit of everything. The learning because there was a variety, my favourite part of learning was also funny, the wee pot (which had a rude name).

Kasey: I enjoyed it when Lily J and Alina had their heads chopped off! Also, I thought the same as Radu, when Thomas was on the horse (it was rather humorous).

Rohan: I liked Laurence Washington’s house and talking about the food. I especially liked the Blacksmith’s house outside, because he explained how rats could eat them and how they were often deaf.

Tianna: Same as Dan, I liked the wee pot. If only we had them now!

Jamie: Similar to Rohan, I liked looking at Laurence Washington’s house because it was old fashioned.

Evie: I enjoyed dying during the dance.

Tyla: I liked going to the Tudor school and writing with the quills and ink, it was very different to our pens nowadays.

Alicia: My most memorable part of the day was learning how to write my name in Tudor times so I still remember how to write my name today (in Tudor font).

Alicia Name

Paris: I liked when we did the play because it had some humour and devastating deaths. I also liked the Laurence Washington House since when we walked into the chamber, the doors made me intrigued because there were many doors, and I mean many doors!

This is What We Learnt:

During Tudor times, when the maid had to go to the toilet, she would hook the baby to the wall. This is because rats may go and eat the baby’s cheeks, nose and/or eyes, when it is laying in the cot. Due to the fact they were swaddled they wouldn’t be able to defend themselves.


If a person had red (ginger) hair, their wee would be the best for watering plants! It became quite expensive.This only applies to boys!

In the schools, regardless of which hand you naturally write with, you had to write with your right hand. Kevin, Rohan, Tilli and Jack would be rather stuck! Since, being left-handed was considered a sign of evil.

We learnt that when they had finished baking bread they used the bottom of the bread as a plate, due to all of the ashes that would be underneath the bread. Generally only the poor people would eat this bread, and they would use it as a plate. Once they had finished their meal they could eat the plate (as it would have soaked up all of the juice/gravy).

Laurence Washington had a brick chimney. This chimney showed off his richness. One of these bricks cost £10 on those days, therefore a chimney cost a lot! That is a lot because in Tudor times a blacksmith would earn 5p a year, which apparently was a good amount for him.

There was a young boy called the spit boy, who only wore a leather apron. He would turn the spit to cook the meat by the fire. If sparks went on him and he got a nasty burn, they would use a slug or a snail to heal his wounds. This wouldn’t always work as it would often get infected. They would either cut his arm off or they would hope it would heal. If his arm was amputated he was called an ex-spit boy.

Anne Boleyn was actually innocent, she didn’t have any boyfriends, they were all rumours to conspire to get her off of the Throne. Also, Anne Boleyn had a wart on her hand, from this they thought she was a witch, as witches had 6 fingers! In fact, Catherine Howard was the woman who had another fiancée. If you were a fiancée, you were contracted to marriage, it’s not like nowadays!

When rich people slept, they had a roof above their heads attached the beds, because there were no low ceilings. These roofs also keep the warmth in, and keep the bats and birds out. They slept sat up, rather than lying down, because they believed if their mouths were open the devil would enter them and possess their souls (not nice). Young children would sleep in the same room as their parents, as they weren’t old enough to have a candle.

Anything else? Feel free to comment your extra ideas!

Elizabeth Woodville Enterprise Trip

An afternoon at Elizabeth Woodville

On February the 5th we have been invited to experience new things at the school, Elizabeth Woodville (Deanshanger) with their Year 7’s.

We will be studying the world of enterprise, we will be selling things, making profits, breaking even and hopefully no loss. All of the children have already received a letter last Friday, and although it was short notice, should have given it in by Monday 20th .

The time that we will leave is just before 12:00 and return by 15:45pm depending on traffic. All children will need to bring a pack lunch on the day.

PLEASE NOTE: No hot dinners will be available for year 5 unless they are not going to Elizabeth Woodville.

Written by: Kansi, Tyla, Evie, Alicia, Kevin and Kasey.

New Objects for Dyson

Today we got… New resources for our class we got a brand new interactive white board! Mr Rees brought in some HIGHLIGHTER PENCILS, Mr Rees tried it out on a piece of paper we could see it from miles away. We also  had got the  new whiteboard pens for are handwriting. With our whiteboard pens we got new whiteboards.
By Tyla, Courtney, Tilli, Radu and Rohan, also Paris.

Snowman Biscuits

As everyone is aware, our topic is the Snowman. Yesterday we had a great idea to decorate some biscuits to look like melted snowmen, since at the end of the Snowman story the snowman melted. Our ingredients were… White icing (melted snow), black icing (arms), marshmallows (head), flavoured laces (scarf, nose), dried icing (hat) and obviously a Rich Tea biscuit!

Below are a few we made.

picture081 (1) picture079

Written by the whole of Dyson

When Dory met Me

A blue scary fish swam towards me, with a clowny character with her. The random figure named me Squishy, how rude! My name is actually Colin. Terrifyingly a fin came towards me, what could she have been doing? Due to the fact that fish was rude to me, I stung her with all my mighty power! Mr Clowny Fish whacked me with his big (well small, but big compared to me) orange fin. I flew off into the distance.