Our Carnival

Yesterday was the introduction to our new topic: Our World Our Future.

From the beginning of the day we had loads of exciting things happening. Year 5 were doing thei samba dancing. There was a samba band from Bliss Primary School, Mr Wainwright was doing football skills, there was a Chinese dragon. Year 6 were line dancing. There were teachers dancing and everyone felt like they wanted to join in. Everybody was also wearing vibrant clothes.

As the day progressed we created a variety of things: necklaces, hats and maracas. Using these tools and some provided by the carnival company, we had a fantastic carnival at the end of the day!

Below are some opinions from individuals of Dyson:

Radu – I enjoyed making the hats.

Tianna – I liked making my long hair on my hat.

Courtney – I liked getting my face painted.

Jack  – I liked making maracas.

Lilly -I enjoyed the start of the day when we went outside to dance.

Ayisha – I liked making maracas because it was a good way of doing art.

Alicia – I liked seeing what the other classes were doing in the morning.

Kasey – I liked the mini festival in the morning as it was unexpected.

Paris – i liked making the hats because there were endless ways to design them.

Lucy – I liked designing the labels for the maracas and shaking them.

Below are a collection of pictures from the day – we had many, but I sadly couldn’t put them all on!

photo 5 photo 3 photo 2 (2) photo 1 photo 1 (1) photo 2 (3) photo 3 (1)

And Ayisha… Enjoying the day.

photo 4

Well done to all the children for living up to our high expectations and ensuring it was a fabulous day for all involved.

Samba Dancing

Samba Dancers:

Recently we have been doing the Samba dance.

This is the music we are using:


We had a fantastic afternoon “Sambaing” today! Everyone was extremely focused; we moved at an unstoppable speed and learnt loads of new moves, transitions and changes. Everyone should be very proud of themselves! We were missing eight boys due to the football with Eddie McGoldrick but those who were in the class as normal did a sensational job.

Following the Samba lesson, Tianna did some interviewing of the class:

Celina: I like the feet movement because I can go at different speeds.

Alicia: I like the fast pace, it also keeps you moving. There is nothing that I do not like.

Cynthia: I like  the bit where we can learn about Brazil and the fun. I like how Courtney dances because of the way she moves her arms.

Dzesmina: I like the music, also I like how Courtney dances for the same reason as Cynthia.

William: I like how quick the music is and I think that everyone is equally as good as one another.


photo (44)

We will be showing our samba beyond the realms of Dyson soon!

Beatriz Milhazes

Today we looked at some Brazilian art and artists that will feed into our art side of our current topic: Brazil.

The class members of Dyson elected that we should follow the modernism style of art shown by Beatriz Milhazes.

Alicia, Jack and Lily found this video today: Beatriz Milhazes. We watched it in class, and discovered some great things, which were:

1) Her art is: vibrant, well-detailed and decorative. She draws her inspiration from two colours within Rio de Janeiro: green (from the trees) and blue (from the waves upon Copacabana Beach). As well as this, her inspiration comes from three main artists and another two that she mentions in the video above.

2) The method of layering different paints through plastic printing to create a very vibrant effect.

3) How inspirational she is – after 25 years Beatriz still believes she still hasn’t perfected her art. Also, she believes that art is getting harder for her, not easier. A great example for learning and persevering! Definitely an industrious learner.

Home Learning: Brazil

Brazilian homelearning
Kansi –  Kansi homelearning
This term our topic is Going Places, every year has been given a place or country to study. Year5 has been given the beautiful country of Brazil. Before the Easter half term we were given a task to do, that task was to present anything we already knew about Brazil however we wanted.
So far all the homework is very impressive and the facts are all very interesting. Here are some amazing examples:

Evie key skills Evie jack Jack Jasleen key skills Jasleen kevin Kevin matthew j MatthewParris homelearningParris



This is literally amazing. Ayisha Santos Costa is Brazilian and she has a Pele shirt that is signed, but that’s not just signed it is worn by the actual Brazilian Pele football player!!! How amazing is that?
So much effort was put into everyone’s homelearning. Well done to all children who have done homelearning

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