E-Safety Will and Seb

How to stay safe on the internet


*only post information that you want strangers to see

*Make sure you put your privacy settings on high so no one can hack it unless your friends blog it. So make sure your friends are friends you trust

*don’t send details or your address without high privacy settings


*Don’t allow friends to join unless you know than face to face

*don’t allow strangers to see your password

*Don’t play over your age limit games because you will be stuck in the horror world.

Top tips for being nice online

It is very important to be nice especially online as you aren’t talking to their face.

1.Don’t say it if you wouldn’t say it to them face to face
2.Remember these are your friends
3.It is very easy to post mean things online but you have to spend all day with them. So what’s the point?

By Eleanor and Lillie

Is a circle regular or irregular? – A question from Eleanor

A heated debate took place during maths this morning when Eleanor stated that she believed a circle not to be an equilateral 2d shape.

She (along with William and Jamie) suggested that it MUST be irregular as it has no other side or angle to compare to, therefore nothing else to regulate it against.

However, Seb retorted with the notion that as it has no other side or angle to compare to, it MUST be regular, therefore equilateral!

THEN, Harry chipped in with the question, “If a circle is irregular, what’s an oval?”

Mitchell then piped up and boldly challenged both Eleanor and William by saying, “I disagree with William and Eleanor because it’s not just one side, it’s continuous.”

Mrs Guerin then started talking about what it is to be a polygon and Mr Wainwright’s head nearly exploded!

How profound. How inspiring.

Thank you children 🙂

The Village That Vanished: Poems and Prayers…

This morning we have spent time writing our own version of Abikanile’s prayer, focusing on the use of stanzas, couplets and devices to enhance the power and impact of our writing. This is the culmination of a week of drama and immersion based on key parts of the story and generating vocabulary and points of view.

Hannah aspired to write her prayer in a poetic form, to her credit:

You glide like ospreys in the wind,
Aware of our need,
Oh,my antecedent spirits,
See how we must be free.

While your voices ascend the trees,
A dawn of hope fall into dreams,
Nearly we have found a way,
To you we pray this fateful day.

To you we have set our fate,
Our lives depend on your debate,
Before we had no hope at all,
Everything is up to you now rise and fall.

For us to live another day,
Run we must from the demons that are they,
Evil slavers come from above,
Everyone needs to cross the river we pay you with our love.

The bard, Eleanor, composed this delightful ditti:

Oh, kindred souls,
the menaces are growing
pardon them from the bitterness,
let them live loving lives.

They need compassion and freedom,
let them flourish,
give them a fulfilling existance
for they have made a wrong turn.

Show them how to live outside hatefulness,
make them follow the right path,
I know they are talented souls,
I can feel it.

Do not deny me now,
I need your magic,
give them a chance to to blossom,
and save them from hell!

‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’ – Edward Bulwer-Lytton

If so, these girls should come with a government health warning!

Great job 🙂




In To Africa…

We kicked off our new topic officially today and began formulating questions we REALLY want to find the answers to!

In addition to this, we have started reading ‘The Village That Vanished’, talking about courage, sacrifice and what we can infer from the beginning of the story and the character’s desperate prayer…

Keep thinking about the drama and vocabulary we used for tomorrow’s session.

Thank you for being BRILLIANT!

What Do You Do If You See A Spaceman?

…park in it…MAN!

Children in Dyson class have TOTALLY embraced our space topic this term – the energy is high and find myself inspired by their enthusiasm.

“Discussing the good and bad points of going into space have been very interesting.” (Writing discursive texts) – Jamie

“Learning about the space race and who the first people on the moon were was awesome!” – Tinashe

“I didn’t know Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space.” – Seb

“Using space travel as a subject for discursive writing was great and made real.” — Zaibaa

“I now understand what asteroid, crescent, milky way and orbit mean (and lots more!).” – Awesome Chloe

“The best thing Atomic Tom did was when he made fire in the bottle and it popped!” – Julia

“Atomic Tom helped me understand how far we are from the Sun and how far the planets are from each other.” – Eleanor

How great our school is…how great the children make it!


Since September, 6 children from Dyson class have been learning about Palestine and the experiences of their infant counterparts. They have exchanged letters, art work, writing and even words via Skype.

On Tuesday, Kate Scott (a leading figure of the ‘Northampton Al-Bireh Palestine Friendship Association’ – NABPFA) visited Dyson class with the teacher of their Palestinian friends, who preceded to field a Q&A session led by the children.

Last night I attended a meeting where Sireen Salameh (the teacher from Palestine) presented to a full crowd and shared lots of very interesting information about life as a school child and as a citizen of Palestine.

A fascinating and eye-opening experience with such a strong desire for friendship, compassion and solidarity without crossing any political lines.

It reinforced to me that this initiative and our twinning with the Al-Bireh school is not only a rich and invaluable one for our children, but a privilege also.

Tom Wainwright, Citizen of the World.

Teachers Teaching The (future) Teachers…

Thirty successful applicants from year 5 underwent a full days training on Wednesday in order for them to be proficient in organising and leading a range of games and activities for  children at Simon de Senlis.

The initiative has been spearheaded by the PE team with the support of Mrs Lutas and will be developed further by Mr Nicell in our efforts to provide a safe, enjoyable and developmental environment in which our children can express and challenge their physical skills.

It was a day enjoyed by all and an investment in the school’s future, i can think of no better to lead such a worthwhile project.

From the children, we shall learn…

Attention All Y5 Parents…

Do YOU send your child to school with this lunch? It was found by the cleaner each day last week concealed under the Y5 lunch trolley and then in the bin of the boys toilets. So, i am guessing it belongs to one of our Y5 boys.

It is really important that our children have the energy to learn in the afternoon, so please help us ensure they are enjoying a suitable lunch.

Many thanks.