E-safety is very important when you’re online, if you use E-Safety you will have to follow these rules:

  • Do not open any un-known tabs from strangers
  •  Do not accept any friend requests unless you know them face to face
  • Do not hand out your personal information online
  • Do not meet any stranger that you meet online
  • Do not send mean messages
  • Do not trust strangers online

By Natalie and Amber


Don’t be mean online to other people because you wouldn’t like it if it was you being bullied.

Don’t play on games that have age limits older than your age.

Don’t follow people you don’t know on social media because they might be lying about their gender or their age.

By: Lottie, David. B, David. R

E-safety top tips

E-safety is to stay safe online don’t talk to people you don’t know. Don’t give away your personal information. Don’t play games that are age restricted or ones that your older brothers or sisters or dads play unless they are suitable for your age. Make sure you and your friends have high privacy settings in case of a stranger hacking your account.

how to be nice online

On texting or gaming remember not to swear. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Don’t make rude jokes or comments to your friend always it will get messy. Also remember you are friends

  • Savannah


3 tips to stay safe online:

  1. Never talk to strangers if you get a message block report show a teacher or guardian.
  2. Never fall for lies people say online or that they’re 10 and a girl  but could  be 30 and could be a man.
  3. Don’t post personal information online and you don’t want  people to see.

by Mitchell.D and Ali.T

E safety

These are our top 3 tips to keeping safe online with friends.

  1.  Never have an argument on text.
  2. Never talk to anybody you don’t know unless you have met them face to face.

3. Always tell an adult if you get a message from a person you don’t know and block them straight away.

Chloe and Owen



E-Safety is about keeping safe on the internet. Once you put up a picture or video on Instagram or Snapchat and you try to delete it, it will not delete. Have high privacy settings. If a stranger contacts you  tell your parents or your teacher.

E- safety tobie and nicanor

E-safety is a way to keep safe on the internet. You need to keep your details and photos safe unless you want strangers looking at your posts.

1.You NEED to make sure your on high privacy settings on.

2.You shouldn’t post pictures that you don’t want strangers seeing.

3.If you want to text make sure its your friend.