100 Books for Everyone!

Let’s win the SdS 100 Books for Everyone competition! Come on!!

Congratulations to those children who have completed all 15 books to read in Year 5.

However, as a year group we need a push! There is a prize for the year group who has most children who have completed the challenge. It’s a fantastic prize and Year 5 really want to win.

Please let me know if you have finished your 15 books and show me your sheet as soon as possible so I can add you to the list and give you your well deserved certificate. If you need a list of the Year 5 books they are in the yellow home time tray, so help yourself.

Each child is reading a lot in Dyson class at the moment which is fantastic. It would be great if we could challenge ourselves with the Year 5 Book List.

Any questions, make sure you come and ask!

Miss Banks

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