E-safety ‘Add me’ performance by Rushden Academy

This morning both Year 5 and 6 had the chance to watch a performance by Rushden Academy called ‘Add me’. The performance highlighted the importance of staying safe online.

The positive messages given to the children were:

  • Never accept a friend request if you do not know who the person is.
  • Never share your personal information with someone online.
  • Always tell an adult, that you trust, if you feel worried or are unsure when you are online.

It was a very powerful performance, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Torture Tables

Our main focus for next term is the children being able to complete a torture tables within 5 minutes. Many of the children know their times tables up to 12×12, however the challenge is being able to complete all facts up to 12×12 within 5 minutes!

Please encourage your child to practise their times tables daily using Hit the button or Tables master online.