Investigating forces in water

In Science this week we have been learning about the forces in water. The children learnt that gravity is still present in water as some objects sink. However, other objects float and this is because the force of upthrust and gravity are balanced. During the lesson, the children created a boat using different materials. Most of the boats were successful which was fantastic! Above are some photos that were took during the lesson.

Anti-bullying week


Last week was Anti-bullying Week. As a class, we discussed how you can make positive choices as a person and those which can make a person feel cared about. Many of the children have positive examples of when somebody had made them feel happy inside and ways they had made somebody else happy. We also discussed that we are a team as a class and that every one of us is special. Without somebody, we would not be Dyson class. Above is a photo of how we decided to show this idea.


Have a go at our quiz about World War 2. Have you retained the knowledge?


Performing Poetry!

This week in Dyson class we have been working really hard on reading poetry. We have been looking at the layout of different poems and the punctuation that a poet uses. The children have noticed that these aspects are different to non-fiction books and fiction books that they have read before. As a result, Dyson class have been practising reading poetry out loud and have created a performance in one of our literacy lessons. Here are some photos to show our learning taking place.