Mental Maths

This week, Dyson class focused on developing their quick recall of calculations. We have been trying to ‘notice’ when we can work out a particular calculation or part of a calculation in our heads during mathematics lessons.

For example,

1,170 + 30 =

The children are getting used to noticing that 7 and 3 is a number bond to 10, therefore 70 + 30 = 100. We do not need to use column addition for this question as we ‘notice’ something about the numbers in this question.

One way the children have been developing their mental maths skills is by playing hit the button. We have created a competition board on our Maths Working Wall where the children have added the top score from the game. The children’s aim next week is to beat their own score in order to increase their efficiency in mathematics.

Please practice the game and try to beat your personal score:

The top scorer in the class so far is 31!

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