The Village That Vanished: Poems and Prayers…

This morning we have spent time writing our own version of Abikanile’s prayer, focusing on the use of stanzas, couplets and devices to enhance the power and impact of our writing. This is the culmination of a week of drama and immersion based on key parts of the story and generating vocabulary and points of view.

Hannah aspired to write her prayer in a poetic form, to her credit:

You glide like ospreys in the wind,
Aware of our need,
Oh,my antecedent spirits,
See how we must be free.

While your voices ascend the trees,
A dawn of hope fall into dreams,
Nearly we have found a way,
To you we pray this fateful day.

To you we have set our fate,
Our lives depend on your debate,
Before we had no hope at all,
Everything is up to you now rise and fall.

For us to live another day,
Run we must from the demons that are they,
Evil slavers come from above,
Everyone needs to cross the river we pay you with our love.

The bard, Eleanor, composed this delightful ditti:

Oh, kindred souls,
the menaces are growing
pardon them from the bitterness,
let them live loving lives.

They need compassion and freedom,
let them flourish,
give them a fulfilling existance
for they have made a wrong turn.

Show them how to live outside hatefulness,
make them follow the right path,
I know they are talented souls,
I can feel it.

Do not deny me now,
I need your magic,
give them a chance to to blossom,
and save them from hell!

‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’ – Edward Bulwer-Lytton

If so, these girls should come with a government health warning!

Great job πŸ™‚




2 thoughts on “The Village That Vanished: Poems and Prayers…

  1. Wow- these are amazing. Well done girls you have really grasped the style to portray the intense emotion in your prayers. It would be wonderful to hear them re aloud in assembly.
    Great work Dyson πŸ˜‰

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