What Do You Do If You See A Spaceman?

…park in it…MAN!

Children in Dyson class have TOTALLY embraced our space topic this term – the energy is high and find myself inspired by their enthusiasm.

“Discussing the good and bad points of going into space have been very interesting.” (Writing discursive texts) – Jamie

“Learning about the space race and who the first people on the moon were was awesome!” – Tinashe

“I didn’t know Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space.” – Seb

“Using space travel as a subject for discursive writing was great and made real.” — Zaibaa

“I now understand what asteroid, crescent, milky way and orbit mean (and lots more!).” – Awesome Chloe

“The best thing Atomic Tom did was when he made fire in the bottle and it popped!” – Julia

“Atomic Tom helped me understand how far we are from the Sun and how far the planets are from each other.” – Eleanor

How great our school is…how great the children make it!