Since September, 6 children from Dyson class have been learning about Palestine and the experiences of their infant counterparts. They have exchanged letters, art work, writing and even words via Skype.

On Tuesday, Kate Scott (a leading figure of the ‘Northampton Al-Bireh Palestine Friendship Association’ – NABPFA) visited Dyson class with the teacher of their Palestinian friends, who preceded to field a Q&A session led by the children.

Last night I attended a meeting where Sireen Salameh (the teacher from Palestine) presented to a full crowd and shared lots of very interesting information about life as a school child and as a citizen of Palestine.

A fascinating and eye-opening experience with such a strong desire for friendship, compassion and solidarity without crossing any political lines.

It reinforced to me that this initiative and our twinning with the Al-Bireh school is not only a rich and invaluable one for our children, but a privilege also.

Tom Wainwright, Citizen of the World.

Teachers Teaching The (future) Teachers…

Thirty successful applicants from year 5 underwent a full days training on Wednesday in order for them to be proficient in organising and leading a range of games and activities for  children at Simon de Senlis.

The initiative has been spearheaded by the PE team with the support of Mrs Lutas and will be developed further by Mr Nicell in our efforts to provide a safe, enjoyable and developmental environment in which our children can express and challenge their physical skills.

It was a day enjoyed by all and an investment in the school’s future, i can think of no better to lead such a worthwhile project.

From the children, we shall learn…

Attention All Y5 Parents…

Do YOU send your child to school with this lunch? It was found by the cleaner each day last week concealed under the Y5 lunch trolley and then in the bin of the boys toilets. So, i am guessing it belongs to one of our Y5 boys.

It is really important that our children have the energy to learn in the afternoon, so please help us ensure they are enjoying a suitable lunch.

Many thanks.


Vikings For The Day…

What a BRILLIANT day!

Kevin the Viking man visited year 5 today and shared lots of interesting information and artefacts with us that really opened our new topic with a ‘wow’!

Jake and Seb wore battle coats and chain mail, Buddy wore a helmet and Hannah and Zaibaa beat the boys in a who-can-hold-hold-the-shield-up competition!

A very interesting morning…

Then, we spent the afternoon examining a detailed model of a longship, played a game that was popular amongst Viking children and experienced what it would be like facing a barrage of spears in battle!

A brilliant visitor, a brilliant day and the children were…BRILLIANT! It was awesome to see them all so engaged and entertained.

Here’s to our new topic…welcome back children!

See you in the morning!