Maths Key Skills…

This week we have been learning different strategies for multiplying mentally.

To broaden our mental maths experience – can you showcase your guile and determination to solve this problem involving square numbers?

Have fun and DON’T GIVE UP!

Literacy Key Skills…

To support our work on persuasive writing, this week we would like you to identify the features of a text we have given you.

You were each given a persuasive letter to analyse on Friday and your task is to use different colours to highlight: the rhetorical questions, bossy (modal) verbs, opening, purposeful statements/sentences, Point Evidence and Explanation, advantages/disadvantages and anything else you can find that helps the text persuade the reader.

Colour code the features and provide a key so they can be easily identified.

This will support the work we will continue with next week – have fun!

Mmmm…Persuade Me…

The literacy unit we will be working on until half term is all about ‘persuasion’.

To persuade is to convince people and make them believe in what YOU believe and take what you say seriously.

Select a topic and research, using the internet, to find facts and information to support the argument.

‘Chocolate is bad for children’
‘Biking or walking to school keeps you healthy’
‘More sleep = better learners’
‘Drinking more water makes better learners’
‘Gaming certificates should be followed’ (Eg, Call of Duty SHOULDN’T be played by children under 18)

Or, choose one of your own and post it.


Literacy Key Skills…

This week i would like you to consider what issues there are in Africa regarding the treatment and hunting of animals.

This is the focus of our ‘Growing A Pound’ project and where our money will end up once we’ve made it – something else you need to starting planning yourself or with your partner.

Which animals are vulnerable? Which are actually endangered? Why? What do they have that makes people want to hunt them and sell them? Is it just KILLING animals that’s the problem? How are some of them treated when in captivity?

Big problems…lots of questions…

I will look forward to reading and listening to what you have to say…

See you on Tuesday!

Maths Key Skills…

This week we have spent lot of time practising strategies for multiplying mentally…

Explain to people in your family how you can use doubling to multiply by 4 and 8.

Tell them how multiplying by 10 makes it easier to x 20 and x 10.

And, if you can x 100 – what else can you multiply by?

Practise these skills of the weekend, have competitions with people in your family or with friends. Who’s the quickest?

Show off your skills!

Have a great weekend!