‘Going Places’…But Where Have You BEEN?

This week we have begun our new topic ‘Going Places’ where we are taking an in depth look at the life and culture within the continent of Africa.

For morning work this week, we would like you to describe a place that you have been to which holds a particular memory for you. Can you describe the moment you arrived? What was it like? What did you see? Who else was there at the time? Give a detailed recount so that it makes the reader feel they have visited that particular place with you. Refer back to your personal targets and check for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

13 thoughts on “‘Going Places’…But Where Have You BEEN?

  1. Hampshire: I arrived and I said oh no work we had to put up are tent but the camp sit was called Abotstone wood near oxford its a nice place to go camping its got good manager called sid and he had a dorter called hyde but she wanted to be a boy so she janged har name Aston – james so it makes it hard for me and luke to call har a boy and say aston when we wont to say some thing and when he is not playing with us we say she and hyde.

  2. In the holidays I went to Great Missenden to the Roald Dahl story center and museum. When we arrived in the pay and display car park it was very quiet so we could get a disabled space. My mum, my granddad, my grandma and I had to walk 500 yards before we got to the small building. It was about lunchtime so we were all very hungry, we decided to go to Café Twit. After some lunch we went into the main building. All of a sudden a great rush of chatter bombarded us. We went to the shop to get our wristbands which would let us in. First of all we went to BOY GALLERY, tales of his childhood. After looking around there we went to the next gallery, SOLO GALLERY. In that gallery there was a chart to compare you between Roald’s height and your height.( I am a Vermicous Knid from Charlie and the great glass elevator. Then I found out about Roald Dahl’s books what they used to be called and what they used to be about. We went around the museum 3 times. At about four thirty we went into the shop. My mum brought me some thing and my grandma brought me a vast amount of products. When we got back to Northampton we had a takeaway.
    It was the best day of the Easter holidays by far!!!

  3. I went to Portugal 2 years ago. There I met a really nice girl, she was called Shania, and I met her little brother,Paul Junior. When I arrived, my eyes lit up, a sight of wonder. Astonishing. I was so stimulated, I couldn’t smile. I stayed in a lovely hotel for a week and went to the outdoor and indoor pools most days of that week. Gleaming. The sun shone always. It was marvellous. Everything that I did put a smile on my face. I saw Shania a lot, until she left 2 days before me. I went to Portugal with my 2 brothers, Mum and Dad.

  4. In the summer holiday I didn’t do much as my dad wasn’t well. Me and my brother would go to the park, play football and get chips from the chip shop. When my Dad was better we all went to LEGOLAND as it was my mums birthday. It was alright but there weren’t many rides there.

  5. As I got out of the car in Toque I looked around and I saw the pale pink sky with puffy white clouds gracefully moving together. I also saw the summer green grass waving at me swiftly and calmly. Ellie, my cousin , and I immediately got out of the car watching the big round Ferris Wheel spin round and round. We had arrived in the grand toque theme park. I walked around curious watching the small round beaver rocks on the lumpy bumpy ground. When we arrived Ellie and I climbed on the silver blue water slides and slid down carefully closing are eyes and slid down …

  6. I have been to Disneyland 3years ago. When I got there I was amazed at all the people that were dress up (I didn’t know there was that many Disney characters.) All the parade where amazing and I got some of there autographs. The hotel was the furthest away from the park, in the morning we had to catch a bus to get to the park. Some of the riders where to big for me so I had to go on the small one and also my mum and her friend ,Sally, did not want to go on the riders. When it was the last day we took lots and lots of photos I went on all the rides again and saw some show. The next day we had to go home so we got dress and went to the park so we could see once more be for we go home. When we got home I told my dad all about the trip and when we where there we got some sweet for him so I gave him them aswell.

  7. I have a clear memory of Spain (Benidorm).Once we got there the sun was shining so bright. When we got there people were singing. And flowers were decorated around the hotel. We went outside to see the pool but we found a massive play area. It start to lead us to the pool once we got there the pool was sparkling. In the middle of the pool was an drinking hut. So when you go in the pool you can get a drink.

  8. I have been to wales. I went with my dad as well as my brothers and sister. when I got there I was glad the journey was over. the weather was so nice and hot. the house was under ground so the windows were on the celling. every time I looked up I could see a gargantuan hill with lots of sheep. every morning me and my dad would go on a walk in the hills but then we had to go because the sheep kept pushing me down the hill ,it hurt, on the last day every one sat down on the sun beds ,it was so hot. the last thing we done was have a picnic .

  9. I have been to Tenerife .I went to the most famous place in the inland Siam park we even got a discount off tacit from are hotel but we hade a chose of what owns we want .then we hade some of are hotels food from the outside snack bar.

  10. I have been to Turkey 4 times. I’ve travelled in an aeroplane and it was awesome. I travelled in a car and it took 42 days with a frère and there was a tiny kids pool along with an adults pool. With the aeroplane it approximately took 3 hour. It is 38 degrees there.

  11. I’ve been to Zimbabwe it was Boling. I was in a village were my Grandma lives. She lives in a wooden hut two of them one them is for sleeping another was is for eating and cooking.
    The capital city is Harare it’s a lovely place to visit. The road are really busy time to time.

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