Literacy Key Skills – Africa OneNote

Thursday was the start if our topic on Africa, where we devised questions based on information we wanted to find out. We then grouped these into ‘bingable’ and ‘non bingable’ questions before finding the answers as a class.

For your Literacy Key Skills this week, you need to visit the OneNote on O365 and add three more bingable questions. You will then need to find the answers and write them in the next column.

Have fun!

Now You See It…

In Literacy for the unit ‘Stories from other cultures’ we are looking at the ‘Village that Vanished’ It is set in Africa. Using what you have already read, what do you predict will happen in the story? How do you think it vanished?

A Taste of Africa…

This afternoon, Einstein and Dyson classes tried many different types of African food and drinks…

Many different flavours were there to be sampled – from very sweet to extremely spicy! As a year group, we tried a range of foods from banana crisps to boiled yams and fish stew.

Leah pulled a very funny face after trying ‘Super Malt’, which is a very popular drink in Africa. “It was disgusting and I never want to try it again!”, she claimed with distain.
However, Joy loved it, “It bubbles and evolves in you mouth…I think it’s delicious.”

Arron enjoyed the spicy rice with vegetables, Royem liked the boiled, salted yams and even though it burned the mouth of Mrs Carter, Lauren absolutely LOVED the spicy fish soup! Also available to the children was sweet bread from Ghana. It tasted very much like brioche and was wholly popular amongst the children.

To wash down this feast (as well as the Super Malt!), was African Fanta – which was similar to British Fanta, but much sweeter, as well as a cherryade and lemonade from Cameroon. All were very popular – we promise that the sugar rush will be gone by 3pm!

Ryan and Priya decided they wanted to try raw yam at the end of our session – which they did…i’m not sure they will again!

Bon Appetit!

‘Going Places’…But Where Have You BEEN?

This week we have begun our new topic ‘Going Places’ where we are taking an in depth look at the life and culture within the continent of Africa.

For morning work this week, we would like you to describe a place that you have been to which holds a particular memory for you. Can you describe the moment you arrived? What was it like? What did you see? Who else was there at the time? Give a detailed recount so that it makes the reader feel they have visited that particular place with you. Refer back to your personal targets and check for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.