Day 1 – What HAS happened to Lady Arabella?

The feast of Sir Simon in the Great Hall was sensationally interrupted this afternoon when Lady Arabella was dramatically abducted whilst addressing the Court of Senlis.

The question is…where is she? What HAS happened to Lady Arabella?

One thought on “Day 1 – What HAS happened to Lady Arabella?

  1. Idea 1. She faked a kidnap, to see how protective and loving Simon was to the lovely lady Arabella.

    Idea 2. Taken by the lord of Warwickshire so that Simon could come of her and in return he would get the land or else he would kill her.

    Idea 3. A knight has fallen in love with her and had stolen her so that she could be her bride.

    Idea 4. Taken far away to Asia and she’s been dangled over a volcano but its a trap to capture Simon.

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