Literacy Key Skills – Microsoft Task…

Above is the link for the Microsoft blog at Simon de Senlis. You will find Emily-Jane’s recent post on how OneNote has helped her in the classroom. Since this was published, it has gone Global and reached the desk of Eran Megiddo, who is in charge of the OneNote creative team in America. She posted the following comment:
Hey there Emily-Jane, my name is Eran Megiddo and I am lead the team at Microsoft that develops OneNote. I stumbled across your post the other evening and really enjoy reading it. It always makes us happy to hear of how the products we build help people and especially students get things done.
If you have any feedback for the OneNote team and product let me know. I can’t promise anything, but we always like to hear what folks want to see in future versions of the product.
I hope you healing well,
For your Key skills this week, we would like you to follow the link onto the post and comment on how OneNote has supported your learning in lessons and at home. Do you think it could be improved in any way? What changes would you like to see?
You never know, your suggestions could alter the way OneNote is developed in the future!! 


Everyone’s Talking About It…

The last two weeks at Simon de Senlis have been packed full of excitement and activity as a result of  the whole school unit ‘When A Knight Won His Spurs’ (Part 2). The blogs, Twitter and Facebook feeds have almost exploded with the hashtag #WAKWHS2
Your task is to go onto three different class’ blogs and comment on posts linked to the unit. Visit the homepage and click on the links found there. 


Literacy Key Skills…

This week we have been working of varying our sentence openers when writing our journals.

For your key skills this week, we would like you to engage in conversation with members of your family and experiment with using different examples and structuring your sentences in different ways. Make a game of it and challenge yourself and each other to raise the level and quality of the openings you use.

Start the sentence with…

*Description eg Lean, grey and tired, the cat slumped onto the mat.

*A ‘How?’ starter eg Clumsily, Tim tripped over.

*A ‘Where’ starter eg At the end of the lane, Tim tripped over.

*An ‘ing’ clause starter eg Running along, Tim tripped over.

* A drop in of the – ‘ing’ clause, eg Tim, running along, tripped over.

*A drop in of the – ‘ed’ clause, eg Tim, exhausted by the run, tripped over.

* A drop in ‘who’ clause eg Tim, who was late, tripped over.

*Similes eg Like a drunken sailor, Tim tripped over.

Try to master one and do it really well before trying something else.

This is a speaking and listening task and can really support the way you write…post at least 3 successful examples on the blog.

Happy conversing…good luck!


When A Knight Won His Spurs…

Last week was a very eventful week at Simon de Senlis! There were a series of events to launch our topic ‘When a Knight won his Spurs – Part 2.’ Below are some pictures from throughout the week – which events stood out for you?
Your task –
Choose one event and either write your personal feelings and thoughts on it (E.g. first person – I really enjoyed …. because….)
Write a description of the event (As I walked into the assembly, my heart began to pound as I could hear the royal music fill the air…)