Your OneNote Experience…

As you know, we have been using OneNote recently to capture learning in the classroom and as a way of enhancing outcomes, especially in Literacy. Below we want you to write about the use of it in lessons. You could cover the following points to help. 


  • A summary of examples where you have used it in lessons 
  • Do you think it has helped your learning? Can you give and example of when and how?
  • What do you like about OneNote?
  • What does it allow you to do that you couldn’t do without it?
  • Suggestions about future ideas e.g. Using OneNote for homework


You should write a detailed paragraph during morning work rotation this week and remember to include examples of correct punctuation and grammar.


19 thoughts on “Your OneNote Experience…

  1. MYA
    The first time we used one note was for our snowman topic as well as our WW2 and the Vikings . I think it has helped my learning a lot I think because if I make a mistake I can just take it away. I like one note because every one can use it at the same time . In the future I would like it more if we could do our work on it as well as our home learning .

  2. I think OneNote has improved my skills for I C T. OneNote is very clever. You don’t have to sit there looking at the other person, you can get another device and go on the file you were on. This technology could be the future of writing. This expiryens could change someone’s life forever.

  3. OneNote is very clever you can open different pages on different things. On OneNote has help me understand the Vikings a bit more because my friend can put paragraphs on and we can learn and go on the website to look at more things. The best thing about OneNote is you can shear thing on it so all my friend can look at it. To make every one use OneNote we should have are password and the teacher put are homework on OneNote.

  4. OneNote is really clever because you can take picture and upload them to OneNote. You also can also have OneNote for writing and coping research. OneNote really help me because you can look back at pictures and research. OneNote can help many different people in many ways different ways. It’s helped me loads because one day someone told me we had to write research down on OneNote about Viking I thought ‘No right all this information down on one page.’ Another person told me that you could copy information and put it on the page I was amazed.

  5. My experience on one not is amazing I never thought till future you could shear work as your typing. There are advantages because if you type something you shod not be it appears on other people can see on there screen.

  6. Using one note is one of the most marvellous things in year 5 we find out information and put it on one note On one note we have the opportunity to see what other people do and magpie it. Teachers get to see your work and no how well your doing and if you need help. The teachers are trying to make us use one note more and try to make it easier to get on. If you do something your not supposed to do they can easily track you because the teachers no when you do things.

  7. One note is useful because we can find information easily. The teachers can set homework we can see other peoples work and use it in ours. Teachers can see your work procession. One note makes life more easy but it is also clever because the teachers can find out whatever you do. It is one off the amazing things in Y5. It would be better if you could get on easier

  8. One note is a amazing learning experience for children, you can find a nice piece of text from the internet you can copy and paste it on to the new page you created. One not is appropriate for all ages. One note helps me for uplevelling your work.

  9. One note is a great learning experience for kids because if you want to take a picture and write a description or explain what it is then you can do that, you can also take pictures from the internet and paste them onto your page. One note is also good for helping you because if you needed help then you can look back at research that you have learnt already.

  10. One Note is a great app for all ages. It is good because you can take thing from the web and it helps you to edit your work. It is good because you can look at other peoples work and magpie of it.

  11. I think that one note is amazing because we can all share ideas. Also the teachers can see what you are doing and when you do it. It allows you to help other people with there work. Not only that we uses it so we can edit our work easier instead of messing our book up. I like one note because we could all use it at the same time. One note is appropriate for all ages. Its useful ; you can find information of the web. We can also split it all into sections. If your not doing what your meant to be doing everybody can see and it would be embarrassing.

  12. One note is easier to get information down quicker and you can up level with out making a mess like you would in your book. It is a great website because you right, upload pictures and videos. You can copy and past information and share your ideas with other people on One note. One note is secure because it is on your laptop and un like your book it cant be thrown away. One note is an amazing because if you make a mistake you can just go back and change it.

  13. One note makes it easier to store information. It also allows you to put pictures on it so you know what your writing about. When you are writing something it allows you to up level it without making a mess in your book. I think that it has helped us learn things because when we learn something new we can just type it up and it will keep it there and you can come back to it. I like one note because it stores information and it also is very helpful with our work. I think that it is a very useful resource for is to use.

  14. OneNote is really good app and is suitable for people in reception all the way to Year 6. We can share each others learning so if we are doing a whole class task we can share our learning and also help people.

    This is why I enjoy it:
    We can share our experiences
    We can write up things
    When the Viking man came in we shared all the photographs that the class took
    Also we can log on the cloud and then look back at things what we have done in the past.

    We can do some of our learning on OneNote and also we can save time as more than one person can work on OneNote at a time. When we were doing our WWII poems the whole group could work on there verse at a time. When we were gathering information on Viking houses everyone in the class could find some thing out and paste it onto OneNote

    If you want to change some of your work to uplevel it then you press EDIT IN BROWSER and then you can change your words to make them better. It is very useful as you can also go home and do some work.
    All in all OneNote is amazing!!!

  15. I think OneNote is a excellent experience because you can share ideas with other people and see theirs. It allows you to help other people, also it is great for editing your work. You can magpie from others work. You can paste picture’s and describe them as well. If you need help you can look back at the work that you did before. OneNote is appropriate for all ages. Its useful; you can find information easily. Teachers get to see your work and know how well your doing, if you do something your not meant to do they can track you down by your or your friends account. It helps many different people in many different ways. It made me more confident with the topic that we are doing. I now am better at ICT because of OneNote. I like it because everyone can be on it at the same time.

  16. I would say that One note is good but not yet outstanding for me because over the weeks I had not known that you had to put in /Schools/Simon De Senlis at the end. When I Put in the pass word it says that is not recognised and I would have spent the whole lesson trying to put in my correct password the lesson would have finished .

    As you are on One note you come across the classes which I think is quite smart and because we have names of our class you know clear which one is your class.

    As well as knowing which one is your class you can also make new documents on your class files like when we were learning about WWII we made a file on WWII.After we had learnt about that we did not have to cross out all the words and then write about a new topic . We made a new file.

    Last but not least You do not have to go over to your partner who is elsewhere you can go on to their file.

    These are the main opinions from one note from Kayla

  17. On one not it is a wondifall experience to have a good time to work together and talk to each over about your work and have good peace of writhing the your teachers will like your work so much that they will like to read more. So say when you type the over people can see your work. And if you had deleted your teems work the teacher can see how did it.

  18. This amazing week we have learned how to do some more stuff on OneNote. We learned how to print pictures on to OneNote. We looked at long houses winch Vikings lived in. After that we then sketched out the outside then the inside it was really fun! Then we did some PE with the Jaylin which are ruby belts. Then we went home.

  19. We have been learning on OneNote. We learned how to paste and copy and we wrote about Viking it was good fun. OneNote has helped me improved in my language of writing and helped me with better words and it easier to see my hand writing. I like OneNote because it easier to learn .

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