On Saturday, Northampton’s local newspaper, the ‘Chronicle and Echo’ printed an article about OUR primary school!

It talks about how creative we are in the way we do things and the way we utilise technology to support this.
So, we want to know – what 3 things do YOU think make Simon de Senlis such a FAB place? What is it about who we are and what we do that should make it into the newspaper?
Comment on what we do that you enjoy the most. Please check your grammar and punctuation carefully.
Cant wait to hear your thoughts!


Your OneNote Experience…

As you know, we have been using OneNote recently to capture learning in the classroom and as a way of enhancing outcomes, especially in Literacy. Below we want you to write about the use of it in lessons. You could cover the following points to help. 


  • A summary of examples where you have used it in lessons 
  • Do you think it has helped your learning? Can you give and example of when and how?
  • What do you like about OneNote?
  • What does it allow you to do that you couldn’t do without it?
  • Suggestions about future ideas e.g. Using OneNote for homework


You should write a detailed paragraph during morning work rotation this week and remember to include examples of correct punctuation and grammar.





In approximately 100 words (between 80 and 120) – retell your favourite Viking myth that you have read this week…or even one you have read outside of school in your own time.


Success Criteria:

  • Good sentence structure; plan before you write it so it makes sense
  • A range of sentence types; short (for impact), compound (with a connective) and complex (using a subordinate clause)
  • Interesting vocabulary; use new and exciting words
  • Well structured paragraphs that link together in sequence



MATHS KEY SKILLS – 16/01/15 – Mr Wainwright’s Group

MATHS KEY SKILLS – 16/01/15 – Mr Wainwright’s Group


What do you know about Roman numerals?

What are they?

How many are they?

What do they look like?

What do they mean?

Where/how are they used?


Research using the internet or talk to members of your family and present what you have learnt about Roman numerals.


How can YOU use them to write or answer maths problems?

Viking Day!

Last Friday, Kevin the Viking man visited us at Simon de Senlis to give us an insight in to the history and daily life of the Vikings. We had the chance to try on various types of armour that would have been worn in battle, as well as look at weapons such as shields and spears. He also brought in artefacts which we had to handle very carefully. One of Miss Coade’s favourite parts of the day was learning about the Viking long ship boats and studying a replica model. Which aspect of the day did you enjoy the most? We would like you to write at least two detailed paragraphs below during morning activities this week. If you need to jog your memory, look back at the OneNote document where there are many pictures and videos of the day to help you with your writing. Remember to use correct punctuation including capital letters and full stops as well as exciting vocabulary, connectives and openers to add excitement to your writing and capture the audience’s interest.
Miss Coade and Mr Wainwright.


Reflection = Direction…

What a great first day back!

Firstly, thank you children. It was great to see you all and you were all full of smiles and enthusiastic, ready to embrace another exciting term.

Before we start setting targets and generating ambitions for the forthcoming year, we must celebrate the achievements and successes of the last 12 months.

Please reflect on all the things you have done over the last year both in and out of school. What have you enjoyed? How have you been successful? Do YOU think you have made progress in a particular area? How? Why?

Using approximately 100 words, summarise the WWW’s and EBI’s whilst reviewing YOUR 2014. Don’t forget to check your spelling, grammar and punctuation…the WHOLE world can see your response!

I look forward to reading them!

Happy New Year Children!

I would just like to thank all the children for their wonderful gifts i received for Christmas, they were very thoughtful and the effort that was put into the home-made and customised presents was very touching!

So, i hope Santa brought you all everything you wanted and you have caught up on your sleep from the New Year celebrations – we have a very exciting term ahead of us and i’m very much looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

I can’t wait to hear all about your holidays and we also have our mystery ‘opening wow’ day on Friday…mmmmm…i wonder what it could be! Hehe!

Anyway, enjoy the last day of your holiday and i will see you bright and early in the morning.

It’s going to be a BRILLIANT year…think of all the things you’re going to do and all the ambitions you want to achieve…

So long for now,

Mr W.