Super Simon…

What a fabulous day.

I am so proud of Dyson and Einstein classes and all the effort put in by all in aid of Children In Need.

Everyone looked brilliant and entered into the spirit…we have amazing children! Some phenomenal amounts of money were raised and some extraordinary dedication to fulfil the various sponsored challenges undertaken by the children.

The end of day staff challenges were just awesome and thoroughly enjoyed by the children…it was fantastic to see. What great sports Mrs Rosevear, Miss Cookson, Mrs Topham, Mrs Kaur, Miss Duffy, Mrs Schanschieff, Mr Prosser, Mr Rees, Miss Coade, Miss Tallett and Miss Shipton ALL are!

Once all monies are received (keep sending it in)…we will have raised in excess of £1200…a fantastic amount for a fantastic cause…well done EVERYONE.

What a GREAT school we are…am very proud to be a part of it.

It’s All About Making Links…Mr W’s Moment Of The Day!

After crunching data all week in numeracy, a truly inspirational moment came in this afternoon’s PE session.

On discovering Argentina had scored the majority of their goals in the first 15 minutes and few at the end of their matches, Sarah’s group surmised that they used lots of energy at the beginning of the game before tiring at the end.

As Sarah arrived on the playground for PE and was instructed to do some warm-up laps, she looked back at her classmate and said, “Come on, we don’t want to be like Argentina!”.

She then explained to the rest of the class what she meant and how she linked to he running strategy. The rest of my maths group then followed suit with their own comparisons.

How proud am I! Well done Sarah, you made me very happy today.