End of Year 5

The end of Year 5 is upon us!

What have your favourite moments been of the year? It would be great to discuss all of them!

Have a great weekend!! Enjoy the sun… Whilst it lasts. 


27 thoughts on “End of Year 5

  1. I can’t name a precise favourite moment but here are a few things I enjoyed:
    • Creating the silent movies
    • Writing our flashbacks
    • Writing our Simon stories
    • Painting our stained glass windows
    • Going to Elizabeth Woodville and Sulgrave Manor
    • Making ‘The Snowman’ biscuits
    • Learning about WW2 and the Tudors
    • Being ‘Writer of the Week’ for about 2 months 🙂

  2. Here’s a list, as I can’t find one particular thing:

    Snowman Biscuits
    Silent films
    Every school trip
    Sports day(ish)
    When a Knight won His Spurs
    Character Descriptions
    The mini initial assesments
    Beating Einstein in bucket ball
    Indoor break
    Mathletics spree

  3. The best part of year 5 was joining year 5 because if we didn’t we wouldn’t of made it this far,but I am not looking forward to leaving because we have had so meany memory’s.On the bright side Mr Prosser is moving into year 6 but going to teach the other class instead.Here are some other things I enjoyed as well:
    Sulgrave manor
    Benham sports arena
    WWII topic
    Are silent movies
    When A Knight Won His Spurs story’s
    Growing are sunflowers
    And much more!

    • I liked sulgrave manor because we got to collect different types of facts relating to money, houses, sugar and schools.
      I liked benham sports arena because we got different experiences like rock climbing and roller skating.
      I liked the WWII topic because we now know that they had different rations and they had a limited amount of food and THEY HAD NO BANANAS TODAY!
      I liked are silent or going to like are silent movies because we can do any thing that is scene able and it will be interesting seeing other peoples as well.
      I liked When A Knight Won His Spurs story’s because anything literally anything could of happen in the story so that was the opportune moment for your mind to take over.
      Finally I enjoyed growing the plants because number one i like science number two it was so interesting to see other peoples plans and number three the sun flowers that did grow is in the area of were the pond is.

  4. There are tons and tons of delightful moments to choose from but my particular favourite is when we’re going to leave year 5 not because it was the worst because it was the best❗there’s too many moments to hold in only words. But my funniest moment in year 5 was when you first mentioned or shall I say introduced Colin I’m glad you were my teacher I wouldn’t have reached this high if it wasn’t for your determination in teaching also youve gave me more condfidence in my writing thank you

  5. Here are just a few things that I enjoyed, not all of my favourite parts are included (there is too many):

    At the start of the year (before we officially entered Dyson), we had to write about the aliens’s summer holiday. This was one of the many elated times. Due to the fact that we could add creativity and a twist of humour, I evidently liked it thoroughly. Also, this was the first ever piece of work we did in year 5 therefore, the memory has been more memorable.
    Another thing has been a thrilling experience is the enterprise origami in Elizabeth Woodville. Learning the life of enterprise, we had to think about the things to do and make before others – sometimes it is hard. Yet, the main thing that day was teamwork and co-operation to finish the job. Even though my team did not finish first, we still managed third place.
    Adding onto this, school trips have been a jubilant time personally, especially the trip to Benham Sports Arena. Recently, we attended the heart of sport, facts and fun as we climbed, jumped and fell to laughter. The Benham Sports Arena is an amazing place that I recommend everyone to take part in.
    Last of all, we are going to end our year with the mini, silent movies that we are currently, working with. I’m enjoying it throughout now, despite we not actually creating them. I have a theory that this is the best way to close our paths of year 5 and enter year 6 – Churchill. Dyson has been full of festive, fun, enthusiasm and smiles. Hopefully, no tears as we say farewell to the past, year 5.

  6. My favourite day in year 5 was when I went to Horton cricket ground. I played cricket there in the year 5 school cricket team. We left the school at 12.30 and I went in Mr Prossers car. We went to the Northampton cricket ground, but the grounds man told us we had to go to Horton cricket club instead.
    When we arrived there was 8 other teams. We played against 3 teams, winning 2 and lost 1. After the games had finished the places were read out we came 3rd and were a bit upset, but inside we had won and was happy. This was so great and I wanted to go back and do it again.

  7. I will try not to get carried away!
    Here we go!!

    As I cannot explain one specific activity here a handful of amazing things Dyson and maybe Einstein did:

    Our trip to benham sports arena
    Plus the silent movies ( DRAMA )
    The boneyard rap
    Hearing The first story which included the name Colin
    Writing our flashbacks although it was cringy going through MY work and highlighting good stuff which (of course) was easy!
    Eating popcorn whilst staying in to do home work with Evie yum yum
    And lastly…

    As i said there is not 1 specific thing anyway year 5 is awesome sorry all the other teachers who have taught me but Mr Prosser is da best and I’m not just saying that I mean it…this time! 🙂

    By Lucy Brooks

  8. In year 5 I liked:

    • Writing our myths.
    • Every school trip.
    • The day when we got our face painted with the country’s on.
    • Sports day.
    • Science investigations.
    • The collages.
    • Every P.E session.
    • The silent movies.
    • The mathletics/ morning activity.
    • Writing instructions for how to make a cup of tea.
    • WW2 topic.
    • Tudor topic.
    • A little bit of the Brazil topic.
    • Art.
    • Hat seats scheme.

  9. ;_; End of Year 5. Start of Year 6 …in 6 weeks. But was it just me or was this
    , , year was the fastest ever. (By the way this took me a long time, due
    , , every time I press “enter”; I mess up the sad cry ;_;)
    , , , ,

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