Key Skills 27/06/14

Non-Compulsory Key Skills:

We were talking about why people thought the moon was made from cheese… I (Mr Prosser) thought it was due to Wallace and Gromit. Apparently it is not! It would be great if you could research where this random misconception has come from.

Literacy this week:

We have been looking at The Piano recently as a lead into our new literacy topic: flashbacks.

For your key skills this week, write something that would persuade somebody to watch it.

You could do:

  • An advert
  • A letter
  • An article
  • A poster
  • Anything else that would work!

The Piano

We have done lots of persuasive writing this year, so I know you will have lots of persuasive phrases and devices throughout your entire piece of writing!

We’ve also done lots of work on our vocabulary this week, so your writing is going to be rich with fantastic words! Our “Wordle” is also on our blog if you want to re-jog your memory. Link to The Piano on YouTube.


This was a sheet looking at the basic use of algebra. Every child received a sheet, if it is lost you can receive one on Monday or Tuesday, but remember it is due in Wednesday!

Have a good weekend! 

18 thoughts on “Key Skills 27/06/14

  1. The reason why they thought the moon was made of green cheese(not green as in colour, green as in it’s stale) was because, a foolish man looked into the water.The reflection of the moon was in it; he mistook it as a cheese wheel.It started as a myth but many people started to believe it

    There, finished the optional Key Skills.

  2. Dear Mr Rees
    The other day we were watching a video clip called the piano, it is a flash back of a mans life, at the same time he plays a calm music from his piano. I advise you to watch it. Everybody in the class loves it. It is sorrowful but in a good way. I think it will be good for our learning because it shows you a good flash back and how you need to do one. If you watch the video it will change your whole day upside down and into happiness. You might be thinking why would i want to watch somthing that is sad? But if you could just take a moment to watch the video you will think it was defently worth watching. Everybody in the class think it is catchy and phenominal
    please take note of this!

    Kind Regards
    Ayisha Santos Costa year 5 dyson

    Kind Regards

  3. Dear Mr Rees

    The other day our class was watching a video clip called the piano. I advise you to watch it. It is all about a man playing the piano and having a flash back of his life. It is sorrowful but in a good way. This is good for our learning because it has good effects for drama and it shows us how to do one. Everybody enjoyed it in our class and thought it was catchy and phenominal. Just take a little bit of your time to watch it. And if you do watch it you will think it was worth the watch.

    Please take note of this

    Kind Regards
    Ayisha Santos Costa year 5 dyson

  4. They’re both good Ayisha! I especially like “I advise you to watch it”. We will leave them both 🙂 well done.

  5. The Piano
    The piano is about a skilled man who played his piano. He has 3 flashbacks about his life whilst playing the piano. The first one was of his wife and him playing the piano together, but unfortunately she disappeared and this made him sad and in shock. The second one was about him in the war as a soldier which brought back memories of hard times, his best friend being shot in the chest and not surviving. The last and final flashback was of himself going back to being a young boy and receiving a special present, tempted to open the present , he waited until told and then opened it, the present was finally revealed as a shiny wooden pony. He rode the pony around the room as if it was a real one. As he rode around slowly his clothes began to change and he was back into present time playing his beloved piano with his grandson.
    I would recommend this short story to be seen by yourself, friends and family because it is sad, but happy due to the powerful message of remembering happy times whilst doing something you love with a loved one. It is also about sharing your past memories and never forgetting about friends and family.
    By Luke Thomas

    • That is lovely Luke! Extremely well written from the beginning to the end. You’ve also summarised it by including that message. Well done 🙂

  6. These are my words to describe the piano:
    Acceptance inspirational emotional depressing trepidation meloncholy soothing heart-touching darkened despairing unfortunate comforting pleasing unlucky tuneful talented precarious visual lonely past present mind-blowing intresting advemturous reminescent describing.
    I recommend the piano for you to watch because it is a comforting, heart touching clip, it surely touched mine and it will DEFINITELY touch yours too. This is my advice for the piano, thus you can watch it and give your recommendations too.

    By Kasey Wright

  7. The Piano Key Skills

    The clip is about an old man that has flashbacks of when he was young and when his lovely wife was still alive. The man had a grandson, he gave his grandson a gift to open, it was a… horse, (not a real one). The Piano is a heart touching clip to watch also a very sad one too. I recommend EVERY one to watch it because it is a lovely clip to watch and a very memorable one as well. i would give this clip 9/10 because you can tell what’s going on even though it is a silent film.
    I would defiantly like to see the piano again and i hope you will to!!

    By Tilli Warren 🙂

  8. Dear Mr Rees

    lately, we have been watching a video called The Piano. It is about
    a man who is playing the piano and has an amazing flashback on the things that
    he has experienced throughout his life. I recommend that almost everyone should
    watch this video because it is memorable especially the tune of the piano.
    The song is very soothing and relaxing. Even though the story is sad, it has been well put together and it makes you want to find out what happens next. It also keeps you in motion with the clip, it keeps you attached to it.

  9. Literacy

    Here it comes,the new animation which is so heart touching you may cry. This master piece is called The Piano… It’s coming out soon so save all your money for this experience of a life time! For those who don’t have a life and don’t to have it this is a link to the video:

    By Lucy Brooks

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