Key Skills 13/06/14


Think about the different topics we have covered so far this year. How many different things can you remember? How many different activities can you remember that we did in order to learn them? When did we do them?

Have a think of as many things as you can! I expect you to think of at least ten different things and I think some could get a lot more than ten.

Literacy/Creative Curriculum:

Yesterday, Thursday 12th June, we began our new topic: Our World Our Future. We had a fantastic day making different things, dancing, celebrating and having a fun carnival.

For key skills this week, you are to:

Write a report about the whole day as if you are a reporter. Think about the vocabulary used throughout and it should be written in a mature style as if it is a real life article. Obviously we are looking to make it sound like the fantastic day that it was!

You will need to think about:

  • How did you feel throughout the day?
  • What were the highlights?
  • What did we do throughout the day?
  • What would the reader want to know about the day?
  • How it is written: is the vocabulary throughout mature?

6 thoughts on “Key Skills 13/06/14

  1. Yesterday there was a great carnival, it was loud I couldn’t hear myself talk. After a while we all started moving and I was so exited then 1 minute later we was on the soft nice field. All of a sudden I got one quick glance at how many people was doing it, I was amazed. I also saw the parents and they also looked really exited but not all of them unfortunately and if you are asking how I know this I saw there expressions. We also went round all of the field which was fun but tiring at the same time.I was really happy when I reached the end because it really made my day. the day was amazing I just wanted it to happen again and again that’s how great it was.

    By :Luke Thomas

  2. The Carnival

    On Thursday, all SDS children arranged to have a carnival. At the beggining , we had to make our own maracas and hand bands . Then we got a bit complicated… Making our own hats. I designed mine so that I look really cool. I put a lot of silver strips in and at the end I was looking like a girl!!!!

    Next , at 2:30 pm , we went out on the playground and started the carnival. Loats of parents came wanting to see their children and all I could say is that I know the parents really enjoyed it and had fun.

    At the end of the day, we all were ready to go home and the parents were really impresed an really enjoyed it. This was my best day at SDS (Simon De Senlis)


    • Maths:

      1. We went ouside and we had to measure each others feet.

      2. We went outside and measured each others height.

      3. We measured a lot of the things in the classroom.

      4. We went outside and we measured stuff.

      5. We had some shapes and we measured them, we then had to spot the diffrence.

      6. We had some triangles and we had to measure/estimate the answers.

      7. We were solving problems and we had to write 11 questions to others.

      8. Same as 7 but we had to do it with division.

      9. We were doing fractions and Mr. Prosser was asking us questions.

      10. We did the same as 9 but with muliplication and division.

  3. Things we have done in maths this year:
    Messureing things on the playground
    We had some shapes and we measured them and we had to spot the difference
    We were solving problems and we had to write 11 questions
    We measured some things in the classroom
    We measured our hight
    Fractions answering questions
    Timing things by 5,10,20,2,100,1000,50,10000
    Factors finding factors
    Angles guessing what the measurement of an angle was
    Working out what letters where as numbers

  4. 1.) shapes (roughly) 1 month ago
    3D shapes, their features

    2.) fractions.(when) ?
    Cut shapes up,

    3.) prime numbers (roughly) the begging of year
    Sums on board

    4.) square numbers. (When) ?
    Sums on board

    (Bonus lesson) FLAPPY BIRD!!!!

    6.)decimals ( when ) ?
    Sums on board

    7.) angles ( when ) ?
    Had to find angles of shapes

    8.) division (when ) ?
    Got given questions

    9.) measuring
    We had to measure objects and put on chart

    10.) mathletics
    Got a device and did mathletics.

  5. + sequences
    + big adding
    + big taking away
    + decimal adding
    + decimal taking away
    + short division
    + chunking
    + big multiplication
    +short multiplication
    i hope the whole dyson mathematics group enjoyed the year!

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