Samba Dancing

Samba Dancers:

Recently we have been doing the Samba dance.

This is the music we are using:

We had a fantastic afternoon “Sambaing” today! Everyone was extremely focused; we moved at an unstoppable speed and learnt loads of new moves, transitions and changes. Everyone should be very proud of themselves! We were missing eight boys due to the football with Eddie McGoldrick but those who were in the class as normal did a sensational job.

Following the Samba lesson, Tianna did some interviewing of the class:

Celina: I like the feet movement because I can go at different speeds.

Alicia: I like the fast pace, it also keeps you moving. There is nothing that I do not like.

Cynthia: I like  the bit where we can learn about Brazil and the fun. I like how Courtney dances because of the way she moves her arms.

Dzesmina: I like the music, also I like how Courtney dances for the same reason as Cynthia.

William: I like how quick the music is and I think that everyone is equally as good as one another.


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We will be showing our samba beyond the realms of Dyson soon!

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