Key Skills 06/06/14


In literacy we have been looking at The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes.

This week for key skills, you are to write a short story as if you are a villager (you can make up your character).

Your character has just met the highwayman on the moonlight road.

This is a very open-ended task, as what happens when you meet the highwayman is entirely up to you.

Below are some things to help you think:

  • Is he nice to you?
  • Do you already know the highwayman?
  • What emotions is he showing?
  • Is he travelling somewhere?
  • Have you recently heard anything from the inn?
  • How is he riding his horse?




Our recent maths assessments have shown that some of us are getting confused with percentages. This is understandable as we introduced them fairly recently.

I’ve removed the “how to” section from the key skills for the blog, but the questions are as follows:

Using a calculator (recommended), have a go at finding these:

1) 22% of 700 =

2) 15% of 200 =

3) 20% of 800 =

4) 12% of 96 =

5) 62% of 144 =

The question on the test was:

What is 15% of 80?

Can you now do it?

15% of 80 =

10 thoughts on “Key Skills 06/06/14

  1. Maths

    Method: total divide 100% times by percentage needed


    2, 30
    3, 160
    4, 11.52
    5, 89.28
    6, 12 ( I can do it now!! )

  2. As Bess and the highwayman were happily
    walking down the street they saw this suspicious looking man walking down the
    pathway.Although never seen before,they went up to him and said. ” how are you to day, are you well. As soon as the man turned around they started to recognise that man. However the man didn’t see them.They both started to think why he couldn’t see them.But then they realised why. They were dead. So they just walked away scaring the man.They were constantly wanting to be alive,they couldn’t.They continued walking onwards though the woods not meting another person.

  3. The Highwayman
    Yesterday I was walking down the road, all of a sudden something tapped me on the shoulder. I was scared to turn round, but I was intrigued to see what it was. As I slowly turned I could see nothing, but I could hear a voice talking to me. In a soft calm voice I said “my name is Peter I come from the village Kingsworth, who are you ? where do you come from ?”
    In a deep loud voice the answer was ” The Highwayman and I come from far away in the West”. So we spoke about our lives and what we do. As darkness came and the moon shone high in the sky a mist appeared and the voice slowly faded away. I stood for a few moments wandering what had happened then slowly went on my way.
    By Luke Thomas

  4. As I walked down the road,with 2 pistols in each pocket, I saw the highwayman. He asked me what I do so I replied,”Colin’s the name,robbing’s my game. He told me the same thing and so after a long thought I stared into his deep blue eyes and asked to work with him as a partnership. As soon as he had agreed the king was going down the road. I smiled a cheeky smile at him and he did the same. We didn’t need to ask each other to know we were thinking the same thing. We both got out our pistol’s at the same time and…

    By Kansi 🙂

  5. Excellent writing from you three! It’s great to see each of you taking a different spin on the task and thinking about your word choices throughout. You’ve all managed to keep the reader engaged from the beginning to the end, which is the main part of writing! Well done to all of you.

  6. 1, 154
    3, 160
    4, 11.52
    5, 89.28
    6, 12
    wow Mr Prosser these minutes were the hardest i had of my life ( esspetualy the end bit! )

  7. Yesterday was a fine day,I met up with a really good friend from primary school.His name is Felix but now he is known as The highwayman. He’s a robber.So carrying on… I noticed a familia figure standing by a carriage which owned 3 horses including a servent. You can guess what happened next.
    As he was loaded with lute he was far too busy at this very moment to even speak. Let alone notice king George’s men were harrying him down the purple Moor . The highwayman came riding-riding-riding the highwayman came riding away from king George’s men.

    By Lucy Brooks 🙂

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