The String Quartet

At the beginning it seemed like they were only going to play classical music, but as they began to play, we realised it wasn’t! They played music such as: Bear necessities from Jungle Book, The Sound of Music, Wallace and Gromit, Star Wars and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. (Ayisha Santos Costa)

Due to the fact that the Mozart piece is roughly 250 years old, you would assume it would be quite boring. However it was vibrant! I LOVED IT. (Rohan Sehmi)

When I heard them play the first song I didn’t realise that it was Star Wars, but as they got into the middle of it I realised it was Star Wars! Even though I don’t like Star Wars, I enjoyed it. (Kasey Wright).

As they played the first note I gasped! I knew the song, it was on the tip of my tongue. (Paris Read)

. This is where we clapped along to the music, and changed our clapping according to the  rhythm and notes being played. photo (39)


As well as this we learnt how different lengths of strings created different pitches. photo (41)


A thoroughly enjoyable morning!

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