Beatriz Milhazes

Today we looked at some Brazilian art and artists that will feed into our art side of our current topic: Brazil.

The class members of Dyson elected that we should follow the modernism style of art shown by Beatriz Milhazes.

Alicia, Jack and Lily found this video today: Beatriz Milhazes. We watched it in class, and discovered some great things, which were:

1) Her art is: vibrant, well-detailed and decorative. She draws her inspiration from two colours within Rio de Janeiro: green (from the trees) and blue (from the waves upon Copacabana Beach). As well as this, her inspiration comes from three main artists and another two that she mentions in the video above.

2) The method of layering different paints through plastic printing to create a very vibrant effect.

3) How inspirational she is – after 25 years Beatriz still believes she still hasn’t perfected her art. Also, she believes that art is getting harder for her, not easier. A great example for learning and persevering! Definitely an industrious learner.

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