The Great Dream – Emotion

We have been looking at the Great Dream (see below), Kansi, Luke and Dan came up with a fantastic song/rap/poem about the ’emotion’ key to happiness.

Scrap the negativity,

add in the positivity.

Before you were sad,

Now you are glad

Like gravity,

it all works just like gravity.


Before you were mad

and now you are sad.

Scrap the sadness,

to rid the madness.


Take out the negativity,

put in the positivity.

It’s all as easy as gravity.


So simple yet effective!

The children were instructed to write a poem which we would then read out (perform), as we have recently looked at it. But every group took this a few steps further and came up with a full performance, with acting, singing and dancing! Each group did a sensational job to come up with such great ideas, especially considering they only had twenty minutes!

great dream

Key Skills 27/06/14

Non-Compulsory Key Skills:

We were talking about why people thought the moon was made from cheese… I (Mr Prosser) thought it was due to Wallace and Gromit. Apparently it is not! It would be great if you could research where this random misconception has come from.

Literacy this week:

We have been looking at The Piano recently as a lead into our new literacy topic: flashbacks.

For your key skills this week, write something that would persuade somebody to watch it.

You could do:

  • An advert
  • A letter
  • An article
  • A poster
  • Anything else that would work!

The Piano

We have done lots of persuasive writing this year, so I know you will have lots of persuasive phrases and devices throughout your entire piece of writing!

We’ve also done lots of work on our vocabulary this week, so your writing is going to be rich with fantastic words! Our “Wordle” is also on our blog if you want to re-jog your memory. Link to The Piano on YouTube.


This was a sheet looking at the basic use of algebra. Every child received a sheet, if it is lost you can receive one on Monday or Tuesday, but remember it is due in Wednesday!

Have a good weekend! 

The Piano

Yesterday, we began looking at The Piano, a fantastic short film.

We have done some fantastic drama, discussion and even created a wordle (see below) which every child contributed a word to! Worlde

Below is some writing from the class:

The Piano

A sorrowful story about a man who goes back to a painful memory but also a soothing one too! Where he sees his loved ones, including his wife, grandson and his best friend, also himself. While he plays his fragile piano, he chants his way to sleep. This memorable story is touching enough to break your heart. Finally his gentle grandson plays one last note to end this charming story.

By Paris Read 

The Pianist

Above the beautiful piano lies ugly broken twigs with an old golden ring. The man has a neat jade green jumper and a crystal white shirt.

On the left of his head there are the remains of a tiny piece of hair.

By Jack Sparkes 

Brilliant by both!

Well done to all of Dyson for some fantastic work recently.


Sports Day

Sports Day

Not that long ago we had our sports day. It was very athletic, also our parents were watching. And they thought we were doing very well. We did it in our house groups. But we split it up even smaller like: W1, W2, W3, K1, K2, K3, D1, D2, D3, U1, U2, U3. These all stand for wizards unicorn knights and dragons. It was a bit of a coincident because in the ks1 sports day knights won it. And in the ks2 one knights won it as well. Knights won with 2030 points (or something like that). Knights came first then the dragons then the unicorns and then wizards came last. We had a fantastic day… Overall our highlight was:

Mr Prosser winning the race! 🙂

Well done to everyone, everybody worked very hard throughout the whole day. A big well done to the Knights!

By Ayisha, Cynthia, Jamie, Thomas, Luke and Dan

Our Carnival

Yesterday was the introduction to our new topic: Our World Our Future.

From the beginning of the day we had loads of exciting things happening. Year 5 were doing thei samba dancing. There was a samba band from Bliss Primary School, Mr Wainwright was doing football skills, there was a Chinese dragon. Year 6 were line dancing. There were teachers dancing and everyone felt like they wanted to join in. Everybody was also wearing vibrant clothes.

As the day progressed we created a variety of things: necklaces, hats and maracas. Using these tools and some provided by the carnival company, we had a fantastic carnival at the end of the day!

Below are some opinions from individuals of Dyson:

Radu – I enjoyed making the hats.

Tianna – I liked making my long hair on my hat.

Courtney – I liked getting my face painted.

Jack  – I liked making maracas.

Lilly -I enjoyed the start of the day when we went outside to dance.

Ayisha – I liked making maracas because it was a good way of doing art.

Alicia – I liked seeing what the other classes were doing in the morning.

Kasey – I liked the mini festival in the morning as it was unexpected.

Paris – i liked making the hats because there were endless ways to design them.

Lucy – I liked designing the labels for the maracas and shaking them.

Below are a collection of pictures from the day – we had many, but I sadly couldn’t put them all on!

photo 5 photo 3 photo 2 (2) photo 1 photo 1 (1) photo 2 (3) photo 3 (1)

And Ayisha… Enjoying the day.

photo 4

Well done to all the children for living up to our high expectations and ensuring it was a fabulous day for all involved.

Key Skills 13/06/14


Think about the different topics we have covered so far this year. How many different things can you remember? How many different activities can you remember that we did in order to learn them? When did we do them?

Have a think of as many things as you can! I expect you to think of at least ten different things and I think some could get a lot more than ten.

Literacy/Creative Curriculum:

Yesterday, Thursday 12th June, we began our new topic: Our World Our Future. We had a fantastic day making different things, dancing, celebrating and having a fun carnival.

For key skills this week, you are to:

Write a report about the whole day as if you are a reporter. Think about the vocabulary used throughout and it should be written in a mature style as if it is a real life article. Obviously we are looking to make it sound like the fantastic day that it was!

You will need to think about:

  • How did you feel throughout the day?
  • What were the highlights?
  • What did we do throughout the day?
  • What would the reader want to know about the day?
  • How it is written: is the vocabulary throughout mature?

Samba Dancing

Samba Dancers:

Recently we have been doing the Samba dance.

This is the music we are using:

We had a fantastic afternoon “Sambaing” today! Everyone was extremely focused; we moved at an unstoppable speed and learnt loads of new moves, transitions and changes. Everyone should be very proud of themselves! We were missing eight boys due to the football with Eddie McGoldrick but those who were in the class as normal did a sensational job.

Following the Samba lesson, Tianna did some interviewing of the class:

Celina: I like the feet movement because I can go at different speeds.

Alicia: I like the fast pace, it also keeps you moving. There is nothing that I do not like.

Cynthia: I like  the bit where we can learn about Brazil and the fun. I like how Courtney dances because of the way she moves her arms.

Dzesmina: I like the music, also I like how Courtney dances for the same reason as Cynthia.

William: I like how quick the music is and I think that everyone is equally as good as one another.


photo (44)

We will be showing our samba beyond the realms of Dyson soon!

Key Skills 06/06/14


In literacy we have been looking at The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes.

This week for key skills, you are to write a short story as if you are a villager (you can make up your character).

Your character has just met the highwayman on the moonlight road.

This is a very open-ended task, as what happens when you meet the highwayman is entirely up to you.

Below are some things to help you think:

  • Is he nice to you?
  • Do you already know the highwayman?
  • What emotions is he showing?
  • Is he travelling somewhere?
  • Have you recently heard anything from the inn?
  • How is he riding his horse?




Our recent maths assessments have shown that some of us are getting confused with percentages. This is understandable as we introduced them fairly recently.

I’ve removed the “how to” section from the key skills for the blog, but the questions are as follows:

Using a calculator (recommended), have a go at finding these:

1) 22% of 700 =

2) 15% of 200 =

3) 20% of 800 =

4) 12% of 96 =

5) 62% of 144 =

The question on the test was:

What is 15% of 80?

Can you now do it?

15% of 80 =

Curious Learner: Tyla Pritchard

Tyla came to school today and said, “my dad and I were curious about the Northampton Lift Tower, so I did some research.”

photo (43)

Great to see someone asking questions and not leaving the questions unanswered!

I’m pretty sure we’ve all been curious about the Northampton Lift Tower before too.

Well done Tyla!

The World Cup

The FIFA  World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is in Brazil this year. It is in groups A-H in each group there are four countries and they each play each other once.

Brazil Spain Colombia Urugauy Switzerland Argentina Germany Belgium
Croatia Netherlands Greece Costa Rica Ecuador Bosnia Herzegovina Portugal Algeria
Mexico Chile Cote d’Iviore England France Iran Ghana Russia
Cameroon Australia Japan Italy Honduras Nigeria USA Korea Republic

Ayisha’s thoughts:

“We hope that England win, but we think Argentina might have a good chance of winning. Also we think that Portugal will come second and Italy come third.”

By Ayisha, Thomas, Dan, Jamie, Luke and  Cynthia

Who do you think is going to win the world cup?