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Brazilian homelearning
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This term our topic is Going Places, every year has been given a place or country to study. Year5 has been given the beautiful country of Brazil. Before the Easter half term we were given a task to do, that task was to present anything we already knew about Brazil however we wanted.
So far all the homework is very impressive and the facts are all very interesting. Here are some amazing examples:

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This is literally amazing. Ayisha Santos Costa is Brazilian and she has a Pele shirt that is signed, but that’s not just signed it is worn by the actual Brazilian Pele football player!!! How amazing is that?
So much effort was put into everyone’s homelearning. Well done to all children who have done homelearning

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Evie wrote all of this independently, even inputting all of the photos (and taking them). 


Writer of the week..

Rohan has been blossoming all year round, and has now really proved himself as many things. As well as a great mathematician (the human calculator), he has now proved himself as a fabulous writer. On the last week of last term,  in the introduction to his short story he wrote this:

When I’m happy I’m loveable. When I’m cranky I’m a bear crying for food. When I’m angry I’m a hornet stinging everything I see. 

A really good character description! Rohan has managed to use two metaphors to create a varied description expressing different elements to his character. Not only was this part great, the entire story was written fabulously with as much well thought out detail.

Well done Rohan.

Easter Break

Key Skills for over Easter:

Creative Curriculum:

Next term we are doing a new topic named “Going Places”. Therefore we are going to be looking at Brazil. A research project around the country would be great before we immerse ourselves into Brazil. Therefore, at home have a really good research on Brazil, put together a fantastic project to share on the first week back.

Also, copying and pasting some information from the internet and printing it straight off doesn’t quite count as research! Not that anyone would do this 🙂

Why do we think we are looking at Brazil? (Hint)


For maths you each two pieces of paper, each double-sided. Across these four pages were a wide variety of mathematical word problems. For example one of the questions was:

In the oven there is space for 18 rows of 32 buns on each level.  How many buns on four levels?

Make sure as well as enjoying your Easter you keep your mathematical brain ticking!


Have a great break all, enjoy some chocolate and have good times with family!

Mr Prosser.