Sport Relief

Sport  Relief

Last Friday we had our sports relief day in advance. For this cause we all had to run at least 1 mile in half an hour. To do this we were given a stick of 8 multilink, every time we did a lap around our field we would drop a block of multilink. Once we did 8 laps we had done a mile. We aimed to run 676 miles across the whole school. We achieved 830 miles! We smashed our target by 154 miles!

In the morning 4 children (see below) were chosen across year 5 to help set up the field for our jog around the field. There were balloons and a bucket. The balloons were used to show our support for sports relief and the bucket for generous collections. It was almost like a little marathon since everyone took part. There were a lot of parents to support and run with their children. Everyone ran at least a mile as planned. Though the most important thing was that we had fun helping to raise money for sports relief.

It was a big success!!

Sport relief

Mrs De Board and our brilliant volunteers!

By Kansi, Alicia, Kasey, Lucy, Kevin and Evie.

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