A Visitor

The Falcon

This morning we were called to meet King Rees in the great hall. This was because he wanted to know if we had any news about Simon. Some people of the court stood up and said things but that was it, King Rees was very surprised of how little we knew about Simon. He started to get a bit startled. Out of the blue king Rees said “ the Falcon”. Everybody was thinking what is a falcon, suddenly a giant bird flew over our heads to King Rees. All of the court was jumped by this trustworthy bird. In its callous feet it had a mouldy scroll that said how Simon was getting on.

It said:

Sire I have spent long nights away from home; I am tired and weary. Pray tell me how shall I defeat the monster from the deep? I can not even see him.


By Jamie, Ayisha, Thomas, Dan, Cynthia and Luke

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