World Book Day

World book day
A week ago, Thursday 6th march, was world book day and every pupil in the school had a choice to bring in their favourite book. As you might know unfortunately were were not dressing up as one of our favourite book characters. On that afternoon we shared our books and our ideas to the class.
Our groups favourite author is … Adam Blade who writes beast quest books. The one we prefer the most of Adam Blades book is Komodo. The children were disappointed when we got told that we were not dressing up but it is fun choosing are best books to bring.

Paris: Granddads Bench, this book that I have chosen is sad but at the end it turns happy 🙂

Tilli: The Twits , I have chosen this book because it’s funny when they play pranks on each other.
Tyla: beast quest komodo the lizard king and minecraft 2014.
Thank you for reading our world book day blog!


Tyla, Courtney, Tilli and Paris 🙂

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