Key Skills 07/03/2014

Literacy Key Skills:

Write a brief description of the origin of either Dovicin or The Cyclops.

By origin this means where they came from, who are their family… etc. Also describe what they look like nowadays.

As you write it, think about your writing targets and aim for a high quality piece of writing!


Next week we are looking at angles!

For your key skills this week, it would be great for you to do some research on angles before we hit the topic.

Answer the questions below, and then do some independent research as well.

If you don’t know the answer to the questions below, research it! Grab a book, search on the internet, ask a family member, ask a friend or even experiment with a protractor! If you find a good website, post it on the blog… Other children could then use it for their own research.

1) Degrees in a full turn = ____

2) Degrees in a quarter turn  = ____

3) The angle mentioned in question 2) is also called a ____

4) The angles on one side of a straight line add up to ____

5) The angles in a triangle add up to ____

6) The angles in a quadrilateral add up to ____

7) Acute angles are ___________________________________

8) Obtuse angles are __________________________________

9) Reflex angles are ___________________________________


4 thoughts on “Key Skills 07/03/2014

    • Well it is called “Maths is fun” so it wouldn’t really be teaching you english, but I see your point.

  1. 1) 360 degrees
    2) 90 degrees
    3) quarter
    4) 180 degrees
    5) 180 degrees
    6) 360 degrees
    7) smaller then a right angle
    8) bigger then a right angle
    9) more then 180 degrees but smaller then 360

  2. 1)360
    3)a right angle
    5)it should be 180
    7)well smaller than right angle
    8)bigger tha R angle ( right angle)
    9)bigger than 180 yet smaller than 360

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