The Lion, The Llama and The Giraffe

One sunny day in Spring, a lion named Phil was relaxing with his mates Dan the Llama and Lucy the giraffe. Phil spotted a juicy yet poisoinous plum and he licked his dry lips. Lucy told him not to eat  it or he could die! But Phil did not listen! Dan chuckled with laughter. Three blinks later, Phil snatched a large chunk of the plum and swallowed it rapidly. Lucy was disappointed and she felt as if nobody wanted to listen to her. Suddenly Phil fainted!

Immediately, Lucy gave Phil a tablet. Then a few minutes later Phil awoke. Dan pulled a sad face because he thought that he had died, so he was so angry that he shouted, “Phil you scared me, you idiot!” They all laughed!

If you don’t listen you won’t learn.

A wonderful fable, by Lucy Brooks. 

2 thoughts on “The Lion, The Llama and The Giraffe

  1. The B*K cat,B*D cat,Mr William the hedgehog and Cheeky Paris

    One amusing wonderful summer afternoon, B*K and B*D were trotting along the smooth comfortable pathway, however they both saw cheeky Paris messing up Mr William’s office.They quickly ran inside and went upstairs to the headteachers office,but it was to late. Mr William the headteacher already saw cheeky Paris and expelled her for a mouth
    If you don’t listen to the rules you won’t learn from you’r mistakes. 🙂

  2. The B*K the cat,B*D the cat,Mr William and cheeky Paris

    one amusing wonderful afternoon, B*K the cat and B*D the cat were walking beside the smooth comfortable fence when they saw cheeky Paris wondering around in Mr William’s office. So the 2 cats ran into the building,went upstairs and then went down the corridor,however Mr William’s had found cheeky Paris in hos office and expelled her for a whole mouth.
    If you don’t listen to the rules you’r given then you can’t learn form you’r mistakes.

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