Art Gallery

SDS Art Gallery

Today on the 31st of march 2014, we, the children of SDS, are holding our first official art gallery. This amazing event will take place at 6.30pm tonight in the great hall. All 400 children have created a masterpiece to premiere during the wonderful night.
Parents from year5 are coming to see our fantastic work on stained glass windows. They all correlate to our stories of, When a Knight Won his Spurs.
We have all worked extremely hard to perfect our presentations for tonight. This is an example of a brilliant piece…

Evie's art

These are some simple steps to succeed:
⦁ Draw an outline of a castle
⦁ Fill in the colours!
⦁ Paint a black outline
And your done!

Blog by dyson

Last Week’s Writer of the Week, Ayisha Santos Costa.

A section of Ayisha’s marvellous story:

It suddenly started to thunder just as Simon reached the vicious scaly dragon. Outside his rotten cave there looked like there was fresh blood. Strangely a daunting crow was flying annoyingly in front of Simon. Simon twisted to the side trying to get rid of the bird, as he did that he saw an intrepid soldier that had fought the dragon to his death.

Because Simon did not listen to the bird and turn back, the crow shoved a rock off the cave wall to wake the dragon from his deep sleep. Simon took two slow paces back and one rapid one. The dragon woke up very annoyed and angry. The dragon stood up with its scales releasing from its sleep. The dragon struck at Simon as quick as a flash.

So the fight began, Simon got off to a very good start, but he sort of went downhill. Simon had a plan because the dragon had turned around. “ACCC!” Screamed the dragon. And the dragon was dead.

Ayisha has began this chapter with great pathetic fallacy. This has built the tension up immediately, the reader can assume it will be an exciting and violent scene due to the thunder. Along with this she has included two additional characters; the crow and the dead soldier. Both of these are fairly bleak and add to the tension furthermore. 

Although the main fight with the dragon is quick, she has not rushed whatsoever to reach the actual fight. This is the part of the writing that is key to keep the reader engaged. She has definitely been successful in keeping the reader excited, I couldn’t take my eyes away from it! 

This week’s writer of the week to come on Monday… 

28/03/14 Key Skills


Over the last week we have been doing percentages! Naturally we have also been looking at fractions and decimals associated with them.

The key skills will lead us well into next week’s learning where we look more at fractions and percentages, related to word problems. The sheet is doubled-sided with a wide variety of questions looking at word problems, conversions, simplifying and equivalents.

The Investigation – Escape is optional, children can choose to do this if they would like to. It is quite tricky, but at the same time it makes perfect sense if you work through it systematically.

Creative Curriculum/ Literacy

Our stories over the last couple of weeks have been fantastic! We have written all about Simon’s quest for his spurs, and everyone has done a great job. See writer of the week for a chapter of Ayisha’s. 

For your key skills this week, write a short story from the perspective/point of view of a different character in your story.

For example:

  • Write it as the wizard when he first meets Simon.
  • Similar to above, but from the dragon’s point of view. Through this we could find out that your terrible dragon was actually a kind-hearted misunderstood beast who just wanted to help Simon!
  • Someone from Simon’s family as they see him off onto his long journey. Following on from that you could explain their feelings whilst he is gone. Towards the end he could return from his quest, again you could explain how proud/joyful his family member is and why. As well as that you could explain Simon’s appearance on his return.

Loads of possibilities! Be creative.

We did discuss how long a “short story” is, we came to an approximate 100 words. Obviously this does not mean count each word, have a rough guess. As well as that, if you would like to write more (or a lot more) than 100, that is great!

Key Skills 21/03/14

Key skills for this week are as follows:

Creative Curriculum Key Skills:

As we are doing our fabulous stories at the moment, it would be great for everyone to start thinking of the art they can do alongside their great writing. Therefore for key skills this week, you need to draw a specific thing that relates to your story. Preferably something that you have explained in good detail. For example you could choose to draw:

  • A unicorn’s horn, sat unattached on an oak leaf in the enchanted forest.
  • A tree shielding Simon from the breath of a dangerous dragon.
  • The wizard’s wand, casting a spell into the distance.
  • The dragon’s tail laying lazily across the path in Simon’s way.
  • Or simply… Simon’s sword.

These are just five ideas… You could do anything! Have a think about your writing, use your imagination and go wild! Don’t go crazy with colour, just practise some great sketching and exploring your ideas and thoughts.


This was three pages (1 page is back-to-back) of questions related to percentages. We have only just really started percentages so it may be a bit tricky, but it is certainly doable by all!

Have a good weekend!

Kaspar: Prince of Cats

Kaspar: Prince of Cats
Dead or Not?
Currently in this book a bell boy has made friends with a posh and rich countess and looks after her cat which is Kaspar Prince of Cats. Everyone in the hotel is making fun of him because he was invited to the countesses opera and now they’re telling him she is dead.
Do you think they are telling the truth or  are they telling a heart bracing lie
Leave a comment bellow of what you think?
By Tyla, Paris and Tilli

Sport Relief

Sport  Relief

Last Friday we had our sports relief day in advance. For this cause we all had to run at least 1 mile in half an hour. To do this we were given a stick of 8 multilink, every time we did a lap around our field we would drop a block of multilink. Once we did 8 laps we had done a mile. We aimed to run 676 miles across the whole school. We achieved 830 miles! We smashed our target by 154 miles!

In the morning 4 children (see below) were chosen across year 5 to help set up the field for our jog around the field. There were balloons and a bucket. The balloons were used to show our support for sports relief and the bucket for generous collections. It was almost like a little marathon since everyone took part. There were a lot of parents to support and run with their children. Everyone ran at least a mile as planned. Though the most important thing was that we had fun helping to raise money for sports relief.

It was a big success!!

Sport relief

Mrs De Board and our brilliant volunteers!

By Kansi, Alicia, Kasey, Lucy, Kevin and Evie.

A Visitor

The Falcon

This morning we were called to meet King Rees in the great hall. This was because he wanted to know if we had any news about Simon. Some people of the court stood up and said things but that was it, King Rees was very surprised of how little we knew about Simon. He started to get a bit startled. Out of the blue king Rees said “ the Falcon”. Everybody was thinking what is a falcon, suddenly a giant bird flew over our heads to King Rees. All of the court was jumped by this trustworthy bird. In its callous feet it had a mouldy scroll that said how Simon was getting on.

It said:

Sire I have spent long nights away from home; I am tired and weary. Pray tell me how shall I defeat the monster from the deep? I can not even see him.


By Jamie, Ayisha, Thomas, Dan, Cynthia and Luke



Dovicin came from a far place called Rivingdale. Rivingdale was a peaceful village far north of the frosty Galons and Dovicin lived there. When he was only the age of 12 he got his first sword, however his mother and father died on the same day, by a Cyclops. So Dovicin swore to protect everyone from Cyclops’. Once he saved his king, King Rython, so Rython knighted Dovicin and promoted him into a Cyclops hunter. That meant he could leave his home whenever he wanted to. Unlike some warriors Dovicin is left-handed and if you were left-handed it meant you were better than the rest.

By Daniil Thompson, writer of the week. 

Simon’s Quest for his Spurs

What skills/attributes does Simon need on his quest for his spurs?
According to Year 5 he needs:
·       A heart full of bravery
·       A great knowledge of how to ride his gallant stead
·       To keep a clear head
·       A head full of courage
·       Determination
·       Have the eye and the mind-set of the enemy
·       Enthusiasm
·       Self-belief: confidence and never giving up
·       Eager to train and constantly better himself
·       Resilience
·       Quick reactions and endless skill
·       Perseverance
·        Strategic plans
·       Armour full of hope
·       Silver coin to trade or to give to the wizard for potions
·       Wisdom of a wizard
·       The unbreakable silver sword of strength
·       Resourcefulness
·       Unlimited arrows and a golden bow
·       Shield of faith which is resistant to the intense fire of the dragon
·       Compass to guide him through his quest
·       His favourite foods to strength and energy
·       To use the weather as guide
·       To keep a diary to write down all of his adventures, plans and motives
·       Logic
·       Great navigational skills
·       A bottle of memories
·       Enchanted golden apple of regeneration
·       Magic quill to ensure that he can always jot down his thoughts
·       Bowl to enable him to eat and carry water
·       Magic potion of never-ending strength and agility
·       Magic box which will transform his hopes into reality
·       Curious
·       Cloak of invisibility given to him by the powerful wizard
·       Trustful
·       Time travelling abilities given to him by the wizard
·       Reflexes that enable him to challenge all and to protect himself
·       Small section of the magical unicorn horn to heal all of his potential wounds
·       Crystal ball of the past , present and future
·       Unicorn dust –grinded horn of the unicorn
·       Steel helmet of a fallen knight
·       Sword to slay the dragon
·       Wisdom  of safe foods to eat
·       Shoe of stability
Quite a lot of things! Have we missed anything out? 

World Book Day

World book day
A week ago, Thursday 6th march, was world book day and every pupil in the school had a choice to bring in their favourite book. As you might know unfortunately were were not dressing up as one of our favourite book characters. On that afternoon we shared our books and our ideas to the class.
Our groups favourite author is … Adam Blade who writes beast quest books. The one we prefer the most of Adam Blades book is Komodo. The children were disappointed when we got told that we were not dressing up but it is fun choosing are best books to bring.

Paris: Granddads Bench, this book that I have chosen is sad but at the end it turns happy 🙂

Tilli: The Twits , I have chosen this book because it’s funny when they play pranks on each other.
Tyla: beast quest komodo the lizard king and minecraft 2014.
Thank you for reading our world book day blog!


Tyla, Courtney, Tilli and Paris 🙂