28/02/14 Key Skills

A wonderful first week back! Very enthusiastic and some great learning. Thank you all.


Continuing with our data theme, a sheet looking at scales. There’s three sections, A, B and C. Choose one of the sections, try to challenge yourself!


Speak to someone at home (anyone). Discuss, do they know any myths, legends or fables? Could they tell you a well-known one? Try to re-tell this story/tale from what they have told you. Either blog it, handwrite it, PowerPoint it… Go wild! I look forward to hearing your tales.

Have a good weekend.

One thought on “28/02/14 Key Skills

  1. I heard a myth called the vow…
    A long long time ago there lived a beautiful and rich princess called Athena.She had a vow.The vow was:If you don’t pray to god every day then you will suffer the consequences…Athena heard that if you don’t follow that vow she would be eaten by a big,scary,flesh eating monster!Obviously, no one wants to be eaten by that creature!One evening Athena was praying to the gods but then she forgot to end her prayer so it does not count! The next morning Athena was woken by a large alarming thud that came from her attic.therefore she went up there to check and it was a monster that locked her in a cascit and she was buried alive!!!

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