Enterprise at Elizabeth Woodville!

Why did we go there? 

Elizabeth Woodville invited us to study the world of enterprise and to develop our skills. These skills were: Communication. Innovation. Independence. Determination. Perseverance. Confidence, and collaboration.

What happened there? 

To start of the day, we met 4 different schools at Elizabeth Woodville including them as 5. We had a short intriguing assembly about some famous people and how did they earned all of their money. Then us schools in our groups of 5 had a simple logo quiz which had 57 logos. After that all the schools which were merged together started a challenge of creating and selling origami. Also, we had £500 to start with to spend on paper then collect our profit of our origami and made it the correct shape and size (the swan was easy according to Kasey and the heart was easy according to Kevin). The stalls (the shop and the buyers) closed after an amount of time then re-opened and the prices were altered. There was a advanced book for hearts and swans. After all our hard work with our leaders we all had a rest and then restarted with our origami.The prices for the paper were £20 to £100 after they increased. As well as that all the costumers increased of how much they was going to sell it for from £40 to £200.

What did we learn? 

Year 5 thought that we will always need a team spirit to support our own intelligent  ideas. As well as that, all our knowledge for team work and innovation. Overall, it was a great day for learning as we all analysed the skills we used (which was a lot).

What are our thoughts of Elizabeth Woodville?

Kevin’s thought: “It’s amazing how they had changed around the money faces and how much money my team had made!”

Alicia’s thought: “You will not believe how strong our team spirit was! We communicated well and we have achieved an entrepreneur experience.”

Kasey’s thought: “What I thought that it was an extraordinary time because it was a similar to pitching which we were learning about and a good time for hard work and team work.”

To conclude the challenge, they announced the results:

In 3rd place: Alicia, Paris and Ayisha-with £1900

In 2nd place: Subway Surfers- with £1930

In 1st place:The Profits- with £3480 (consisting of Kevin, Max and Mathew)

Our day at Elizabeth Woodville was prodigious yet challenging. A day full of excitement, risks and adrenaline rush.                                                                        With experience on our arm, we can easily become a businessman/ businesswoman.

The winning team (the ones from Simon de Senlis):

photo (16)

By Alicia Lam, Kasey Wright and Kevin Guan.

One thought on “Enterprise at Elizabeth Woodville!

  1. Homework

    My day at Elisabeth woodvill school was amazing. I really enjoyed the part were we made origami using coloured paper. Also i liked when we had £500 to buy coloured paper to make origami. if students did not take good care of there money, they could not purchase the origami booklet however my group did not lose all of our money like another group who spent all of there £500 just to buy the second booklet. Even though some other groups did not win they still tried there best to raise money for the challenge
    By Cynthiakate Mwaura

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